Thursday, June 4, 2015

First larger try-out battle of the new Russian offensive at Marinka

The Minsk-2 cease-fire has been nothing more than a lull in the process of seizing more Ukrainian land for the Russian. The time is used to increase the size of the armed forces in men and equipment within Ukraine and to train them.
Meanwhile the skirmishes had never stopped, to keep the pressure on and for the newly formed hybrid forces to get real-life battle experience without the risk of getting major counter attacks.

(Read about Russia's Hybrid Army here.)

The attack on Marinka on June 3rd is the first major offensive and the prelude to more and larger of such attacks.

Keep in mind that Putin's strategy is a frog-in-the-pot style: slowly increase the heat/pressure so the West does not respond harsh.

Here are a lot of the videos of the Marinka attack:

Updates 5-6

UPDATE June 16th
A video showing a Ukrainian tank firing to the north:

It's position is like this:

Even though this video had been published on June 16th it seems to show the sweeping of Marinka of Russian invaders after their attack.

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