Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Russian 'shooting range' in Ukraine near Sontseve

The Ukrainian Dnipro-1 drone team managed to make an excellent video of a newly created shooting range aqa defensive positions near Sontseve between Komsomolske and Telmanove and close to the contact line:

Screen shots from the video:

Arial view of the impact zone for artillery and tank shells:

Location of the camp:

It was built in two weeks:

Petrol trucks in protected positions:

Tents for staff:

For cooking:

Chill-out area:

A cannon:

Some more tanks and stuff:

A lot of trenches:

Before and after:


This is the layout of the area:

Red = area with tents and vehicles.
Orange = shooting range and trenches.
Violet = impact zone

The area is positioned here between Komsomolske and Telmanove:

In Komsomolske there is a much larger real base and also a shooting range in a quarry.

This VK-album shows 156 photos that were taken here. Some of them:

What's worrying is this:
It means (Russian) aircrafts are planned to get involved?

@finrisowlf provides some extra recent satellite images of the area, that can not be found in Google Earth/Maps:

This is a (Russian built) shooting range with support. It is not an army base. The armor seen there is what is present for training.
But of course, the trenches and the armor can be used for defenses or to launch an offensive across the contact line 10kms further.

Also see: Another nearby hide-out for heavy artillery shooting on Shyrokyne.
Also see: Russian military base and training camp at Komsomolske.
Also see: Russian base/shooting range at Rozdolne by InterpreterMag.

It is nice to see that some Main Stream Media are taking up the news:

Also take note of this photo taken at the same location:

Some of these guys are wearing neo-nazi insignia on their cloths.

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