Friday, January 30, 2015

Ukraine: You can not fight an enemy you don't acknowledge!

Ok, I will explain it one more time...

You see this equipment?
It is RUSSIAN equipment...
Being transported through Russia...
'Separatists' do not transport heavy army equipment through Russia, now do they?

Now Russian media tends to film THESE type of guys a lot:
But these are, either local or imported criminals and especially chosen to be filmed to GIVE THE IMPRESSION it is all just a local 'rebel' army.

But check this...

Here you can see two Russian 2S7 Pion with a command and control MT-LB driving through Makeevka, Ukraine the other day:
How did they get there?

You think these toothless monkeys operate that kind of stuff?
You think these toothless monkeys operated the BUK that brought down MH17?
These local and imported criminals are given guns and mortars and they get orders to shell cities and villages! In return for which they are granted amnesty (see this) ... (but likely will end up dead anyways).

When these bastards hit target, dozens of civilians may die...

That's where they bring in the 'journos' like Graham Phillips and Patrick Lancaster:

And then the Blame-Ukraine-Game can begin:

Lazy Western journalists, who do not want to get involved in the conflict and stay neutral because THEN they think they are objective, report things like "They blame each other...". Case closed.

And MEANWHILE the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, driving Russian equipment in Ukraine, killing Ukrainian soldiers on Ukrainian soil as well as Ukrainian civilians they said they came to protect, OPENLY DRIVE THE RUSSIAN FLAG:

And STILL Western journalists and politicians talk about 'Russia supplying weapons to terrorists...'


Meanwhile the Russian army is trying to create Ilovaisk 2.0 at Debaltseve...
Read this blog to see how the Russian army invaded Ukraine and destroyed the Ukrainian volunteer batallions at Ilovaisk 1.0.

Let me be V.E.R.Y. clear on this:
Because you can not fight an enemy, you do not acknowledge...

I will repeat that:

You can not fight an enemy you don't acknowledge!

You can not fight cancer if you don't acknowledge you have it.
You can not fight cancer if you treat it like fever...!

Ukraine has cancer...
And the name of that cancer is called RUSSIA.
Or even better: PUTIN... the KREMLIN, because Russia is a state run by mafia.

The ONLY solution to this cancer is to GET IT OUT OF UKRAINES BODY,
If radiation does not work, than CUT it out*.

So in the end. whoever you are, the question is: are YOU (from now on) CONTRIBUTING to the deception, or are you contributing to the SOLUTION?

Thank you.

* And spare the good cells (= locals).
There ARE locals fighting in this conflict. And as with cancer there are INFECTED (local) cells and GOOD (local) cells...
For the trolls: Ukrainian-killing-Russians are a cancer yes. A deadly one. Almost ALL people in Donbas are victims of these types. And Russian Media Propaganda Trolls HELP to brainwash them.
Most Russian people are also VICTIMS of their Mafia regime.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Google Earth shows Russians crossed border to attack Ukrainian camp at Zelenopole

On July 16th I published a blog that showed and proved how Russian GRAD MLRS attacked Ukraine across the border.

Earlier on July 11th I had already written about Zelenopole. A Ukrainian camp had totally been destroyed there. We suspected this was done from Russian territory:

But there was never conclusive evidence this was indeed the case.

Now Google Earth has updated satellite images on this location. And it shows that it had EXACTLY happened as suspected!

Here is the layout of the camp:

The dark blue area is where the concentration of vehicles is and what it destroyed. The other areas are tents in the trees, fire positions and dug-in positions.

This is how it looks like on the Russian border:

It may not be obvious at once, but comparison with a very old image (the only available) may help:

These are the tracks we see:

When we zoom in, we can clearly see the tracks that are crossing the border:

The tracks lead to two areas in the field with GRAD launch burn patterns:

The upper one in this image is pointing up (red arrows). The lower ones are less clear, but still a direction can be determined. They point to bottom left in the image (red lines). Fourteen! firing positions can be seen.

Next thing we do is draw a line from this location, into the direction it is pointing and extend that line:

On a larger scale that looks like this:

It is directed EXACTLY at the area that was hit and destroyed.

This was before the attack:

This was after the atack:

It is proven now how Russia attacked the Ukrainian camp near Zelenopole . They crossed the border with 14 BM-21 GRAD MLRS and fired devastating loads of rockets on the unsuspecting Ukrainians. Back then the Russians said it was 'the terrorist who did it'. Or 'the rebels'.

This is now officially the FIRST recorded cross border attack from Russia into Ukraine.

This is a Google Earth video showing the attack:

Here is another very similar incident Google Earth reveals now:

Red arrows = where tracks can be seen crossing the border
Yellow area = GRAD burn marks
Red line = direction the burn marks are pointing to

This is how the tracks crossing the border are going:

On a large scale we can see the direction is towards a KNOWN destroyed Ukrainian camp:

This is the camp:

The impact directions of many craters correspond with the firing direction (red line), but not all. It means this camp has been attacked from another direction too.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Google Earth shows how Russians crossed border to create Ilovaisk massacre

In August Ukrainian volunteer battalions were ordered to encircle Donetsk from the South. At Ilovaisk they met fierce resistance and they were never able to really take it.

As can be seen there is a natural barrier near Novyi Svit in the form of an artificial lake. After weeks of uncertainty they were offered a 'safe corridor' back so they could retreat. They had to take the route south of Novyi Svit again.
But there they were slaughtered.

Now with updated satellite images on Google Earth we can reconstruct how. It was done by a Russian invasion army that crossed the border near Berestove.

Here is that border crossing on July 16th:

Here is that crossing on the Sept 14th map:

To understand the scale of this we can zoom in:

We can see a 'single track' (which might even have been used by several vehicles) and very broad 'multiple tracks'.
My rough estimate would be that these tracks have been used by 50 to 100 vehicles if not more.

Now we can trace the tracks and see where they come from and go to:

First of all we can see this on the Russian side:

In the forward position we can still see quite some vehicles:

There are trucks and likely GRAD launchers parked there. But also camouflaged positions and tents.

A little bit south of this two large vehicles can be seen. Although it can not be determined what it exactly is, I suspect these to be BUK air defense systems. Or else some other type of air defense.

This area shows the July 16th situation:

And this sept 14th:

Now there are a lot of tracks that lead into the trees. That indicates this has been a camping site.
There are more such camping areas, as well as used firing positions for artillery and trenches.

This whole area is a forward position of the army with a HUGE temporary campsite. No vehicles can be seen anymore in this camp.

When we follow the tracks into Ukraine this is the image we get:

There is ONE BIG trail crossing the border and then it splits into several smaller ones, leading to an area where also many firing positions can be seen as well as camp sites.

This is an example:

Here are dugin positions, often used for MSTA heavy self-propelled artillery:

The layout of the camp/firing positions:

Looking more North-East the tracks lead to this:

There is an area (yellow circle) with several firing positions. The blue area is the KNOWN killing zone of Ukrainian units. Remember the corpse hanging on the electricity line? That was THERE...
The light blue area shows mortar impacts. It looks like some Russian units have tried to advance there and received some counter fire.

So this can be understood like this:

The blue line shows how the Ukrainian units were retreating. To get there they had already been fired on with artillery many times.
When they arrived at this position, they were attacked from the side and from behind by an overwhelming Russian force (Yellow arrow).
The small yellow arrow indicates that attacks via that side must also have been taken place, but it can not be seen, because that road is a hard road and the September satellite image ends there.

Just North of the yellow circle next to the road, three wrecks and burned areas can be seen:

These are the first visible victims on the satellite image.

Here is a video showing quite some more.

Here is a map of all tracks and positions:

More to the south also units had been destroyed, since there is a video showing these (small blue area) . But that's also the end of the satellite image, so we can not see exactly how and where yet.

So THAT'S how Russia invaded Ukraine and destroyed the volunteer battalions who had been guaranteed a save passage out...

Spread the message, retweet this:

Also see: the disaster of Ilovaisk.
Also see: Ilovaisk 2.0 in the making at Debaltseve.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Non-military actions Ukraine should IMMEDIATELY take in the current situation

As was expected, and now that Russia has sufficiently reinforced Donbas, the situation is getting out of control again in East-Ukraine: Volnavakha, Donetsk Airport has fallenLeninsky district Donetsk. Mariupol. Risk of Ilovaisk 2.0 at Debaltseve. Ukrainian POWs getting executed and filmed while they die...

Here are some suggestion that Ukraine (and it's partners) in my opinion IMMEDIATELY have to do to enhance the situation:

  1. ARREST Major General Vyaznikov (currently Lentsov) who is on the Ukrainian side of the frontline now in Soledar. He controls and orders the Russian forces in Donbas. See this blog.
    Or AT LEAST evict him.
  2. CLEANSE OSCE. EXPEL ALL Russian and Serbian citizens working for OSCE SMM. See this blog.
  3. PURGE their own military ranks. Their is no time for nuances and negotiations anymore. You are either working FOR the freedom and independence of Ukraine or AGAINST.
  4. Fire commanders who have proven to be incapable of defending the country properly.
  5. There should be a serious cyber attack on the Russian Troll centre in St. Petersburg putting them out for months, since this is heart of online Russian Propaganda defense.

If you have more suggestion, let me know. I may add them.

On the long term:

  1. Ukraine has to RELENTLESSLY fight against corruption. Ukrainian citizens should STOP accepting corruption. Change has to start somewhere and if YOU are reading this, YOU are the one who can change your country.
  2. The system where oligarchs have all the money and all the power should change. This automatically leads to corruption. Power (and money) should more evenly be distributed among capable people who are democratically chosen. This means Poroshenko will have to work AGAINST his own financial gain in the interest of his country and Ukraine's people. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

GRAPHIC - WARCRIMES Russians execute Ukrainian POWs south of Krasnyi Partizan

3 videos appeared with the same (dead) Ukrainian soldiers.

First video 12 soldiers of which 2 wounded and 3 dead
Second video 4 dead soldiers at the side of the road
Third video longer video showing all surroundings and same 4 dead soldiers

The first two videos are from a new, otherwise empty Youtube channel:

This is the location where the videos have been filmed:

On a larger scale:

It is within the region that has recently been taken from Ukraine (totally against the Minsk agreements!!!).

These are the soldiers from video 1:

White = alive
Orange = wounded but alive at moment of filming
Red = dead

The POWS 9-11 correspond with three of the four dead in video #2 (and #3):

They can be identified as the same by the boots, pants, bearded face and (blood on) face for instance (yellow circles).
Number #13 has later been identified as Lieutenant Kolesnik, the commander of the group who did not want to surrender and died fighting. See this article.

Names of the four soldiers who died are:
  • Albert Sarukhonyan Georgiyevich, Krivoy Rog
  • Sergey Slesarenko Stanislavovich, Dneprodzerzhinsk
  • Roman Svekh Nikolayevich, s.Pokrovka, Krivorozhskiy rayon
  • Andrey Kolesnik Vladimirovich, s.Chumaki, Krivorozhskiy rayon

What is most disturbing is the bullet hole in the wall, right behind the POWS that are dead or wounded and the fresh blood that is on the ground next to them:

Most of the blood on this mans face comes out of his right eye goes along the edge of his hood and also OVER the edge and OVER his hood downwards.

Also the smaller blood stripes run from the bottom right of his face to the top left, as indicated by the arrows in the screenshot.
This means that this blood ran over his face in exactly the position he is lying right now. So he got the injury RIGHT BEFORE he fell down like this and then the blood started flowing.

This is a reconstruction of how this man died:

This is a reconstruction of how POW #10 died:

These screenshots show the unnatural position this man is in:

It means that he DIED RIGHT THERE. He did not die in battle and than they dragged his body to this location. He died HERE.

This video by Thomas Steiner also graphically displays what has happened.

At 2:40 in video #1 we can see POW #9 still moving, meaning that at THAT moment he was still alive.

The blood next to him is VERY fresh:

Later he can be seen among the 4 dead soldier and he can be recognized by his pants.
It means he was bleeding to death ON THIS SPOT and there is a bullet hole behind him on the wall.

This POW seems to have been hit by the back of a gun on his head:

The imprint on his head is too regular to be a normal scratch. It is clearly an imprint of an object.

The Ukrainian checkpoint south of Krasnyi Partizan has surrendered to the invaders with 12 soldiers getting captured and their commander becoming KIA. They had been put sitting against the wall of the house they used to shelter.
Five of them have been shot with three of them getting killed on the spot. One of the soldiers involved with this crime filmed the scene after the shooting WHILE one of later dead people was still alive.

They threw the dead bodies on top of each other near the road, for a car to pick them up. The soldier filmed those again as some kind of 'trophy' of whom they had killed.

Video #3 was filmed to show on Russian tv how they had successfully attacked and conquered a Ukrainian checkpost killing Ukrainian soldiers in the process.

What happened to the wounded and still living POWs is unclear.
Sometimes they kill some to have to others obey them without problems. They may use them to work for them digging graves and trenches as has been the case before. They may also have been taken somewhere else to get killed.

And THEN other 'journos' also come by to create their agitprop:

You see what they do? WHO put those bodies there 'like dogs'? That was done by Graham's friends!

Remember that Zakharchenko said: "We'll take no prisoners"


This video is from Al Jazeera and gives a high quality impression from the location.

This man 'Dedouka' can be seen there:

He shows the reporter his camera:

We can see a fragment of the POW-movie (#!) there.

It means 'Dedouka' had filmed that video.

This is commander 'Dushman' of brigade 'Vostok' that ordered execution:

If anybody has more information on him, please let me know.

In this video a priest can be seen taking the bodies sway on a truck.

This is the pastors facebook page. He is a hero, because he went to the Russians unarmed and asked if he could take the bodies with him.

This is the commanders profile.
His real name: Юрий Проценко/Yuri Protsenko, born in 1963, Konstantinovka, lives in Druzhkovka.
An archived interview with him at Saur Mogila, where he says he had been fighting in Afghanistan.
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