Wednesday, August 27, 2014

RPI executive director Daniel McAdams acts as Russian Propagandist/Troll

Daniel McAdams (@DanielLMcAdams) of the 'Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity' is profiling himself on Twitter and it turns out he has a profound proRussian attitude that looks exactly like those of Russian Trolls.

On the website of the Ron Paul Institute, Daniel McAdams features as the executive Director:

Clicking on the twitter-symbol in the top right corner of the website brings you the twitter account of the institute at

The Twitter-profile @DanielLMcAdams looks like this:

It seems to be the Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute.

A search on twitter on both @RonPaulInstitut and ADanielLMcAdams gives results like this:

This clearly connects these accounts and it means @DanielLMcAdams is not a fake account impersonating the real McAdams, but it is indeed the executive director of the institute.

Daniel McAdams can be found as an author on the Russia Today website:

The first three articles in which he is featuring, already blow his cover: he operates as an extension of Russian Propaganda.
These are some things he says:

  • "Ukrainian authorities are carrying out ethnic cleansing."
  • Ukrainian "election in such a climate ... result of 'wonderfully democratic' vote"
  • "Imposing sanctions on Russia is an act of war."
  • "Stalemate can only be resolved by returning to February 21 agreement between Yanukovich and the opposition."

McAdams came to my attention because of his extremely rude remarks towards a Ukrainian citizen reporting live from Novoazovsk while it was being shelled, under attack and being taken over by Russian forces:

I jumped in to his defense, but no mercy for him... which is ridiculous in such circumstances. This made McAdams a suspect to me.

So I looked at some of his tweets and found things like this:

Besides being straight out rude here, he defends the Russian Propaganda theme: all shelling is on Ukraine to blame. So I send him the link:

Some  typical retweets from Russian Trolls:

He ridicules:

He even takes on Carl Bildt in a rude way, who is the foreign minister of Sweden and who really supports Ukraine:

Ok, seen enough of this guy...

Daniel McAdams, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute is a Russian Propagandist. Very likely he must be paid, bribed or who knows what to do this kind of thing.
My advice: ignore him and block him.

Whether the Ron Paul Institute itself is a cover up for Russian Propaganda or whether they happen to have the wrong director is something I did not bother to investigate yet. Yet they clearly seem to have a US-criticizing attitude.

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  1. Many of these people in the Ron Paul Institute also have associations or worked in shady organizations that promoted Pro-Soviet type propaganda before moving on to join the Ron Paul institute. Some of them even have connections to Alexandr Dugin and the Eurasianists, though they do not advertise this. There is no question that these people are Russian agents, since they not only have been spreading lies for the Kremlin for a very long time, but even contradict their own claimed ideology (Libertarianism).

  2. This isn't news. RP and this guy have been shilling for the Kremlin for awhile.


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