Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Russian reinforcements and supplies disguised as 'humanitarian aid' for Ukraine

Video of so-called humanitarian aid for East-Ukraine uploaded on August 10th:

The police cars have 99 on their number plates. Since these are military plates (black with white characters instead of white and black characters), it does NOT mean they come from Moscow region:

The Russian Wikipedia shows what it means: just 'military police'.

These trucks have 76, which means they come from the Urals Military District:

 50 is Moscow Military District (see here):

Some geographical features:

There is a rail-road behind the trucks:

Big electricity poles and industrial-like halls:

More poles and buildings:

This corresponds with this location:

Blue arrow = route driver
Yellow line = railway
Red boxes = obviously newly build halls

Link to Google maps.

The apartment buildings can also be seen in Google Streetview:

So the location is confirmed.

According to Wikimapia this entire area belongs to the 5th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade:

In the video it can clearly be seen that there is military presence:

Soldiers getting instructions:

Here are cars painted with red crosses:

Radar for S-300 complex can be seen here:

But since this is a regular Russian military base it is not clear if this will be used for East-Ukraine of course.

In this screenshot a white 'humanitarian truck' can be seen INSIDE the base:

This Panoramio photo shows all kinds of military equipment can regularly be seen at that location:

Interpretermag.com talks about 300 trucks.

These are the guys who did the paint job:

The convoy is leaving August 12th
A video of the convoy starting to leave:

Since by now the disguise of the 'green little men' is exposed and outdated, Putin invented something new: The khaki little men...!!!

Wow, they even have ONE truck with food:

Logos and number plates removed:

This is how you can do it:

August 12th tweet with photo sayse a convoy departed:
Auto translation of the text says: "Early in the morning KAMAZ with the "humanitarian aid" checked out Alabino. Go columns about 30 trucks with large gaps."

The city Alabino is next to this military base. It means they just left...

Convoy filmed near Serphukov
Here is a video recorded with a dash cam:

There are 127 vehicles in this video, police cars not counted.

This screenshot has a village name:

With that as a start the route in this video can be reconstructed like this:

Convoy filmed from helicopter

In this screenshot 30+ vehicles can be seen:

The host talks about being some 30 kms before the city Efremov. It means the convoy is traveling like this:

It seems the convoy is splitting, but there does not seem to be a good reason for this, since both roads lead to the same direction. Maybe some truck drivers wanted to buy some coffee?

Link tot Google maps. Note that Google has old satellite images and the high way is not yet really there. Therefore the environment is hard to match with the footage.

Convoy visited military airbase in Tula
(Part of) the convoy visited the city Tula where it was filmed by a local tv station:

The location is a military airbase:

Link to Google maps.

Convoy arrives in Voronezh evening  August 12th
Part of the convoy arrived in the city of Voronez at about 19:30.

None of these trucks has a red flag like in Tula.

This is the location where they drive:

Link to Google maps.

Another video near Voronez
This is another video uploaded at 19:30 and these trucks have red flags, so it may very well be a different part of the convoy(s).

This screenshot shows a sign that warns for deers and big forests left and right from the road:

The lights indicate this is the end/beginning of a village/city.
The best/only place that fits is this:

Google streetview should give the definite verdict, but at that time they were building the road. 

In this overview both convoys are shown (red arrows):

The red circle shows the military airport were a convoy has been reported to spend the night.

Largest part of the convoy stayed all day at the military airbase in Voronez.

Largest part of the column heads to East-Ukraine, like this:

It means they are destined to Lugansk. Yet... how do they want to reach it? The road leading to Lugansk has been cut off by Ukraine:

Journalists were allowed to check any truck. This is what they found:
Yet other trucks are still arriving.

From a MILITARY base near Moscow Russia prepared white trucks as 'humanitarian aid' for (East)Ukraine. This clearly is a disguise for equipment, supplies and reinforcements and probably some food as well of course.
Since the eastern border with Ukraine is in complete control of Russia, nobody will be able to check the real contents of these trucks. Yet, when attacked by Ukraine, Russia will have a perfect Propaganda excuse to further escalate the conflict. If left unharmed, Russia can easily supply and reinforce their troops in Ukraine like this.
Again: this is a military operation...
But don't be fooled either. There are 100+ REAL Russian army vehicles in Novoshahtinsk ready to enter Ukraine:

Theories about the white trucks:
  1. It is a Trojan horse and carries hidden weapons for the Russian terrorists
  2. It is a decoy to distract attention from some other important thing that is happening meanwhile
  3. It will be a provocation. Russians attack the convoy once inside Ukraine and as such can be used to upscale the conflict.
  4. It is not about the content, but about the men... Some 1.500 soldiers will be brought in.
  5. It is not about what it brings IN, but what it will bring OUT. MH17 debris, wounded soldiers, etcetera.
  6. Putin wants to show his soft side...



  1. Not to debunk your post as a whole but the black number plates in Russia indicate that the vehicle is military and the numbers indicate various army units, not regions: 99 means Military Traffic Police, and 76 - Urals Military District, according to Wiki (Ru).

  2. While everyone is focusing on what they are bringing in, I think the real question is what are they (going to) taking out.
    Would a Boeing 777 fit inside 280 trucks? I think so!
    They don't care for the people in Crimea or Eastern Ukraine.
    Now that Borodai is out, Strelkov is wounded, Ukraine is gaining more and more ground from the rebels, this is a recovery action of something. Could be people, material, debris...
    The Dutch investigators have left, the whole world will be looking at what Russia has brought in.
    But who will pay attention on 280 trucks when they move out?


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