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Evidence of POW torture and trying to blame Ukraine for it.

This video tries to show how Ukrainians capture and treat their POWs:

Yet, this man:

can also be seen in this video (taken earlier) about Ukrainian 72th airborne troops being crushed by shelling from Russian territory:

He has the same grey hair, same haircut, same eyebrows, same, ears, same nose, same forward lip and chin:

Understand that in the second video the man just came back from weeks of intense shelling. He is exhausted, dirty, underfed and anger and frustration are written on his face.
In the second video he must have recently returned to the battlefield. He has slept well, eaten well and is physically fit again.

Next thing is that the facial expressions are very different. Look at this example taken from internet:

Frowning down (left arrow) or frowning up (right arrow) explains the different wrinkles on the mans face.

But even then his wrinkles can be matched:

In the image above the nose can also be compared well. See how his nostril has the same curve.

His teeth are very similar:

His two upper front teeth are turned a little bit at an angle to the inside. When his teeth are put together it colors a little bit dark in both videos.
His right lower front teeth (for us on the left) are shifted a bit forward, which can be seen in both videos.
Since teeth are like fingerprints, this is a clear indication that it is the same man.

Look here for his hairline:

Even some of the grey of his hair can be matches...

Chin line same, eye brows same:

So unless this Ukrainian man has a twin-brother that serves the Russians (and the same dentist), this is the same man.

How can a soldier from 72th brigade end up in Ilovaisk where the 72th is not fighting?
The 72th got crushed near the border in the East by Russian artillery. The remnants joined the 30th brigade, which was indeed fighting near Ilovaisk. As this video explains:

A lot of people from 30th brigade are missing in action. Which means they were either killed or captured. When captured there is an extreme high risk that they get killed too.

Cameraman speaks with Russian accent
In Reddit a guy argues that the cameraman has a Russian accent:

So, this means this POW is UKRAINIAN and not a local proRussian separatist.

If you still believe these guys are NOT the same, help me identify both/all, because their lives may depend on it.
I'd rather sound the alarm and be wrong afterwards and having to admit that, then NOT sound the alarm and after two weeks we find these people dead. You understand me? So help me identify them.

To help identify him, this man has some golden teeth (not clear enough in other video):

Missing identifications on Supposed Ukrainians
Another thing that does 'not fit' in the first video is that the supposed Ukrainians do not wear identification marks, such as yellow arm bands or tags, as can be seen on this photo from battalion Donbas entering Ilovaisk on August 20th:

This is a screenshot from this video where Battalion Dnepr-1 enters Ilovaisk, where a Russian BMD-crew was captured:

This is what the pretending-to-be Ukrainian soldier was wearing:

The other pretending-to-be Ukrainians lack such bands too.

More screenshots from first video, with relevant things:

First POW:

Note the scrape on his nose from forcefully pushing his face to the street.

Second POW:

Third POW. See the fresh blood on the street:

A wound on his face cannot be seen. Yet he may be hit in the face and bleeding from the nose. The left side of his face is not seen, nor the bottom of his nose.

This Novorossyia logo must either haven been pasted to his jacket, or he had been forced to put on other clothing, to look like they have been captured by Ukrainians.

His belt lies next to him:

which will later be used to tie his hands.

More fresh blood:

I have been told that the last thing the cameraman says, is something like: you are finished...

You can hear shots on the background. It may very well be possible that other Ukrainian soldiers are executed while recording this video.

Remember this man's face:

He probably is regular Russian army soldier, maybe Chechen.

If you recognize any of these people and have more information, please let me know as soon as possible.

Also maybe this car can be identified or seen in other videos? The number plate seems to be AH 0244 IE.

These POWs may be killed if they stay out of media attention.

Also see: How Terrorussians tried to blow up the car with Ukrainian POWs AFTER they were exchanged for Russian POWs.
Also see: GRAPHIC: Ukrainian POWS captured, tortured and likely dead by now

A Russian TV-station has picked up the issue to give it their own twisted turn again. They say the Ukrainians made the video, but the captured Russians were actually their own soldiers, since that one man was seen in the earlier video.
Here is the article on auto-translate, with images use from my blog:

The article including their tv-item can be found here.

In response to this published an article saying this is NOT the same man.
Neither site refers to my blog for people to read the whole story.

Still we haven't heard anything of the true identity of any of the POWs or the soldier from 72th.

So I still say it is a staged video from Russians with real Ukrainian POWs who may be or get killed. Unless proven wrong...

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  1. First POW answered the question: "How much do You receive (earn)? - 200 bax (USD) per month?" what is unusual. Ukrainian would answer in hryvnia. Other questions were asked in strange manner: "Why have You come? Don't You have a family? To kill Ukrainians?" Ukrainian would not ask this way. Everything "smells" by cheap film production.


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