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Debunking the SBU-theory of AFL2074 - MH17 mix up.

My friend @avva wholeheartedly disagrees with the Ukrainian conspiracy theory:
So I challenged him to debunk it:
Here are his arguments. And I will comment in between. And then everybody can decide for themselves.

 That reminds me of a tweet I send 12 days earlier:

Unfortunately they are not... They just do these evil things we wanted to believe is just fiction.

The fact that nobody did this before does not mean somebody can not invent it now. Remember that Russia is doing similar things ALL THE TIME!! It fits within their strategy to shell residential areas and blame Ukraine for it. They cause horrible civilian deaths just to get awful footage and blame Ukraine for it. Who does that? Russia does. It's KGB-style. So why not bring down a civilian plane and blame Ukraine? It TOTALLY fits the pattern of what they are doing in East-Ukraine. They got away with ALL of it.

Furthermore, terrorists have brought down many civilian planes. Why could Terrorussia not deliberately want to bring down a civilian plane?

Also remember how Russia blew up four apartment buildings in Russia causing about 300 civilians deaths as to have an excuse to invade Chechnya. For East-Ukraine they had to come up with something new...?
They got away with all these similar acts they did before. They may have been (too) bold and thought they would get away with something like this too.
And to be true, they still get away with this one too. Still a large part of the world suspects Ukraine did it and rest thinks it was 'the rebels'.

The thing is DNR did not plan this. DNR was USED for it!!! Only very few inside people needed to know. Like the crew maybe and at least their commanders. The plan was to blame Ukraine, if it failed, DNR would be to blame...
And that is EXACTLY what they are doing right now? They blame Ukraine and some think it was 'the rebels'. But it was Russia who did this (no matter if the BUK was on the right or wrong place).

Remember how the RT cameraman got shot and died when they drove a bus into a Ukrainian army base together with a bus with the mothers of the soldiers there?
This was a setup. Some DNR guy had told them it was safe and the Ukrainians wanted to surrender. They would drive in and get some dramatic shots of mothers and the soldiers... It was safe they said.
But it was not!

After many days of attacks on the base, the Ukrainians had put a note on the gates: "We shoot without warning." The bus drove in. They got shot! They were filming him while he was loosing his life... And he died.
End of story.
They were framed.
Russia Today made a story out of this that 'the Nazi Ukrainians shoot at a bus full of mothers' and as such a journalist died. They blamed Ukraine.

You see how someone USED DNR and this cameraman? It was a setup. A provocation. Nobody knew. Only one guy and the people who instructed him. KGB-style.
Again: NOT AT ALL. If they had done so, everybody would have known it was RUSSIAN. Now everybody thinks it was 'the separatists'.

That was PART of the plan... them bragging about it. It would whitewash Russia.

Nope. Just some inside people needed to know. When you are going to bring down an airliner, you want AS LITTLE PEOPLE to know about it. Let the whole world believe THIS is happening, meanwhile you plan for something completely different.

Actually it was brought in during the night and arrived in Donetsk around 9:00 where the transporter wanted to hide the thing, but then got orders to immediately deploy it.

When you hide it, it makes you a suspect.

No, it's not the same. The US is a democracy, with liberty, freedom of press, protection of its people by police and military.
Russia is mafia running a country with nuclear weapons and two main export products: gas and weapons. They benefit from conflicts. They don't care about there own people, about their vote or opinion, about their well-being.
It's mafia-style to bully, intimidate, provoke, blame, be extremely aggressive just like we see Russia is doing all the time. Ten thousand civilian deaths in Chechnya? They don't care. Do you think they care about 300 civilians? Look how they respected the dead... It's Russia-style to do such things. Not US-style. That's why it is ridiculous to think that the US blew up the Twin Towers, but it makes a lot of sense Russia deliberately blowing up a civilian plane.

Understand me well. I do not say the SBU-theory is true. But I do say that it makes a lot of sense. A lot more is needed though to really proof it.
Also I do think Russia must have deliberately shot down the/a civilian plane, whether it was deployed on the right place or not. See my blog about that.

See my assessment of the SBU-theory here.

This is NOT the end of the discussion. If you want to contribute, tweet me or @avva.

You can find his arguments in Russian here:

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