Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Russian T-72s spotted in Sverdlovsk

This video shows a convoy with T-72 driving through Sverdlovsk:

A screenshot:

The geolocation is like this:

In the video a very low sun can be seen with long shadows. The sun comes from the left side in the video which corresponds with the West. It means it is in the evening and not in the morning.
http://sunrisesunsetmap.com/ shows the sunset time for this location:

It's 19:13 so this event likely took place between 18:30 and 19:00 EEST.

When traffic comes from the direction shown in the video it means they come from Novoshakhtinsk and not from Gukovo which is closer by.
When traffic goes into the direction shown, it means they are heading towards Krasnodon. There is no other sensible way for them to go to:

When they go to Krasnodon, they are heading to the Lugansk area.

All vehicles for archive and identification:

Text on the side is something like Севестополь (city in Crimea), Marines, similar Navy flag

4 T-72
3 trucks towing light guns/mortars
1 Strela-10 Anti Air
2 MT-LB tracked vehicles with ZU-23-2 Anti Air gun
2 tMT-LB racked vehicle with infantry on top
2 personal cars

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