Tuesday, September 30, 2014

EXACT location of IL-76 crash site June 13th

Google has updated several areas in Donbas - Ukraine for Google maps and Google Earth (GE). It means (old) battle areas can be found now.

As such the exact location of the IL-76 crash site has been determined:

Google maps link.

As can be seen, a lot of trails are around the area.

One of these trails comes from Lugansk airport:

It can be seen on the June 30th satellite images:

but not on the June 5th images:

When it is followed it leads to the IL-76 crash site.
The IL-76 was shot down by Terrorussians on June 13th. So obviously a tracked vehicle has been sent from Lugansk airport to investigate the site.

The tracks start from this position:

Clearly two fortified (but empty) tank fire positions can be seen, as well as (probably) a BTR between the trees. From here the vehicle has been driving through the fields, starting at the right.

GE also shows some photos from a Panoramio user, among which this one:

It contains a destroyed turret from possible a BTR. The IL-76 was carrying military equipment, but whether it had a BTR is unclear.
Since their is no obvious track back to Lugansk airport, and since the early footage from RT does not show a destroyed turret/vehicle, it may be possible that the/a vehicle sent out to check the crash site was also attacked and destroyed there.

Link to footage of the crash site.

Also see my earlier report about the event.

Russian attacks on Donetsk airport despite ceasefire

Several videos showing the battle for Donetsk airport. Terrorussians ignoring the ceasefire because they want to take the strategic location of Donetsk airport. Once taken this will be a big moral victory for them even though it is completely destroyed.
For the Russians it goes like this: if they can take it easy without much costs, they will take it easy (like Crimea); if they can't take it easy, they will destroy it and THEN take it (like the border crossings); but they will take it anyway.

Sept 23th
Terrorussians using a drone to direct mortar fire on Donetsk airport:

This screenshot from the video:

corresponds with this Streetview shot:

Google maps link to mortar position.

This screenshot of the effects of the mortar:

corresponds with this Google Earth view (and includes the mortar position):

Sept 25th 
Heavy artillery attack on Donetsk airport during the night:

Sept 26th
This video shows Terrorussians checking buildings at Donetsk airport:

Strangely enough the second part starting at 2:36 is mirrored and likely comes BEFORE the first part.
That makes the route the cameraman is walking like this:

Video from Ukrainian side:

Sept 27th
GRAPHIC: Terrorussians entering airport area and discovering a dead man:

This tank in the video:

Is located here:

Google streetview:

Google maps link.

The route the tank is driving looks like this:

Then the video shows some Russian troops entering the airport area, but leaving it quickly too:
This is the approximate route the soldiers take:

Lifenews used this footage in a news item.

Sept 29th

Two longer videos showing the position of a gun and attack on a building at Donetsk airport.
The video starts with smoke/fire and some Russian using the word 'provocation'. So obviously they want to justify with this video that they 'counterattack'. The truth of course is that the Terrorussians want Donetsk airport at all costs and never stopped attacking it.

This Google Earth screenshot shows the route the cameraman is walking, the original location of the black smoke (right) and the building they are firing upon (up):

Video from Ukrainian side:

Sept 30th
In this video the control tower is attacked from multiple sides:

This screenshot:

shows (writing on) the wall, that is also visible on this screenshot from Yandex Streetview:

It means they are firing like this:

But they fire from multiple direction.
This screenshot shows incoming fire from the NorthEast:

The spotter is in the top of an apartment building. His view is like this:

Terrorussians using RPG and alike to attack DA:

Heavy attack with T-72s closing in to the terminals:

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Transcript of Poroschenko press conference on current situation

@myroslavapetsa gives a translation and summary of some explanation that Poroschenko gave on the current situation (after 2nd Minsk meeting and 2nd cease-fire, which practically means Ukraine ceased and Russia still fires)

Eum... the difference is that now Ukraine lost a similar piece of territory as with Crimea but with some 2000 soldiers having died? And right now the Russian forces (disguised as separatists) still take more and more every day.
To specify this: 65% of vehicles sent to the front line. Not 65% of all Ukrainian vehicles.

Currently Donbass is already lost to Russia.
Russia would not invade? That is SOOOOO naive that it is hard to believe he actually said that!!!
No Ukraine was not ready for that. Russia attacked when the Ukrainian army was trying to surround and cut off everything, therefore being exposed and vulnerable themselves. With the Russian invasion they got surrounded and mercilessly slaughtered. It was the end of ATO.
Yes, after senselessly being slaughtered like this and after having been shelled with Russian GRADs and artillery for weeks from Russian territory...
What did you talk about? Did Putin threaten to use nuclear weapons? Did he blackmail you? Did he threaten you to kill your business and fortune? It was not a talk between friends or equals.
If only you would have armed the volunteer battalions properly and not have them given stupid orders without any support so they could get easily ambushed and die for nothing.
There were no reinforcements and the little reinforcements that arrived where symbolic. They were sent as a spearhead and then abandoned. They had to stand for a VERY long time until they realized nobody came for assistance. By then it was already too late.
Incredibly naive again. The real question at the moment is not whether Ukraine will be able to retake Donetsk and Lugansk, but how much more Ukraine will be able to keep or loose! Debaltseve will probably be abandoned in the next days and Mariupol might be the next city to fall.
Even though Ukraine tries to keep the ceasefire, the Russian forces (disguised as separatists) are shelling Ukrainian positions EVERY DAY. When the Ukrainians retreat from such positions after there is nothing more than ruins left, the Russians quietly advance. This happened to Lugansk airport. It will happen to Donetsk airport too.
After what we read here above, Ukraine is NOT READY AT ALL. And the question is not IF the peace deal will fail, but when Poroshenko and the Western partners realize it failed from the start, because this is only to buy the Russian forces time and opportunity.

What the Ukrainian army needs most at the moment is a sophisticated answer to GRAD and artillery shelling: within two minutes of the start of such an attack the positions from which such shelling comes should be heavily counterattacked and destroyed. There are weapon systems in the world capable of doing this... The West should supply those.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counter_Rocket,_Artillery,_and_Mortar for instance.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Some Ukrainian soldiers buried in remote unofficial and probably unidentified grave

This is a video from July 29th, but it may still be relevant regarding MIA Ukrainian soldiers:

It shows some dead Ukrainian soldiers buried just ‘somewhere’. So it might be important to have that location recorded.
This destroyed BTR at 1:19:

Can also be seen in this geolocated blog
So the location is just before/North of the village of Dibrivka.
This screenshot at 2:09 shows an antenna and a little house:

They can be seen here, South of the village of Dibrivka:

Red arrow = direction the car is driving.
In the next shot the dead soldiers can be seen.

At 2:35:

 At 3:52:

So that must have been in a field right after/South of the antenna.
At 4:03 soldiers can be seen with a grave just being dug out:

The (half-naked) driver is Eduard Glazov, the leader of Russian scout and sabotage group ‘Ryazan’. See this blog about him/them.

Basically this means some Ukrainian soldiers were buried in a remote, unofficial and possibly anonymous grave South of Dibrivka. Likely they have been reported 'missing in action' and officially nobody on the Ukrainian side knows where they are.

If you have any more information on this, let me know.

Berkut officers killing on Maidan were Russian Soldiers

Russian 'Vostok 2014' military exercise 19-25 september

@GorseFires reported about a Russian military command and control exercise and why this is important for the world to know about this.
Here are the appropriate tweets about it:

Launch of Iskander Rocket during 'Vostok 2014' exercise:

Monday, September 8, 2014

GRAPHIC: Ambush on AIDAR during 'ceasefire' 11 KIA

'Aidar' is one of the volunteer battalions that fights North of Lugansk.

The photos that were appearing of this incident are all very disturbing:

This one shows mentally disturbed 'dogeater' Alexey Milchakov with his thumb up near a just killed and burned Aidar soldier.

Lifenews shows actual GRAPHIC combat footage of the ambush!

In this video it is the first time Alexey can be seen talking:

Note the gesture...

This photo shows a dead soldier with a headshot and his guts coming out:

Alexey has no problem to turn him around and photograph all the gory details:

Link to original VERY GRAPHIC photos. And in case they remove it: a web archive page.

Also see earlier post on Alexey Milchakov: this is how sick it can get in LPR.
Also see: an earlier deadly ambush on Aidar.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Russian terrorist group 'Ryazan' operating in Ukraine

This 30 minute video shows a group of Russian terrorists operating in East-Ukraine:

A post on VK.com from September 1st has a similar shot as in the video and therefore concerns the same event:

It talks about 'yesterday', so the event took place on August 31st.

This is the translated text:
Two guys from the Chetniks Brotherhood of Moscow received accreditation as military reporters and at the second attempt crossed the border of New Russia, are now near Donetsk as part of reconnaissance and sabotage militia groups (the commander of Ryazan). It's dangerous here, some mortar impacts were very close. Yesterday we were in battle: our intelligence identified enemy firing positions, stirring them up a bit. On the way back we got under fire. The Chetniks campaign in New Russia continues.

We have been able to identify some of the locations in the video.



This location can be found here:

Google maps link.

Starting from 6:00 there is a continuous operation.




This watertower (#1) can be seen here, together with the other elements:

Red line = path BTR is driving
Red dotted line = additional path soldiers are walking.

Google maps link.


This building at 14:05

Can be seen here:

Link to website with this photo.


This shot is taken like this:

From 19:12 they return back.


Mortar impacts can be seen here:

But in this screenshot it landed into the water, because the 'smoke' does not drift away, but falls back to the earth.

It seems the mortar fire has been successful somehow, because two dead soldiers can be seen.


This seems to have been the location that was under fire:

An unexploded mortar round stuck into the street:

On a larger scale the location looks like this:

Explosion icon = approximate crash site MH17

It is in the middle of Russian occupied area. Since it was taken on August 31st this must have been when Ukraine took a lot of territory towards the MH17 crash site. This might have been a forward Ukrainian scout group that came under attack.

The video is very informative about the way these Russian terrorists operate.

Information about the group Ryazan
The group conducting this operation is called "Reconnaissance - sabotage group DPR 'Ryazan'", after the Russian city of Ryazan.

This news site shows several photos shot during the same time.

Some members of this group:

Leader's name is Eduard Gilazov http://vk.com/id123959274
http://vk. com/id157050145

The youtube channel of this group.

This is the German cameraman and host of the video:

His name is Mark Bartalmai and can be seen in this video too:

He is like the German version of Graham Phillips... making propaganda movies for Russia.

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