Monday, September 8, 2014

GRAPHIC: Ambush on AIDAR during 'ceasefire' 11 KIA

'Aidar' is one of the volunteer battalions that fights North of Lugansk.

The photos that were appearing of this incident are all very disturbing:

This one shows mentally disturbed 'dogeater' Alexey Milchakov with his thumb up near a just killed and burned Aidar soldier.

Lifenews shows actual GRAPHIC combat footage of the ambush!

In this video it is the first time Alexey can be seen talking:

Note the gesture...

This photo shows a dead soldier with a headshot and his guts coming out:

Alexey has no problem to turn him around and photograph all the gory details:

Link to original VERY GRAPHIC photos. And in case they remove it: a web archive page.

Also see earlier post on Alexey Milchakov: this is how sick it can get in LPR.
Also see: an earlier deadly ambush on Aidar.

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  1. In the video (5:04) he says:
    - *chuckles* We asked [stoppped ukrainian convoy] "Who are you?" *smiles* they responded "Aidar", and after that we shoot them from Shmel [ RPO-A "Shmel" "Bumblebee" ] *smiles*. We burned everything, no one escaped, there are 30 dead.


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