Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sick person, Russian soldier in Ukraine Sergei Zhuk with callname 'Moskva' mocking international justice

In this video Sergei Zhuk demonstrates how Girkin (Strelkov) and Pavlov (Motorola) are NOT on Interpol's wanted list, but Yarosh is:

This is some serious international Russian trolling. How did they managed to get Yarosh on the Interpol list? The biggest crime he has done is that the Russians used his business card when they killed some local Slavyansk people in a set-up ambush to convince the civilians that the Nazis where coming:

That was as fake as can be (if you did not get that point right away).

But Sergei Zhuk himself is a torturer of Ukrainian POWs:

In this video Sergei Zhuk forced a POW to shoot his comrade (if only there was a bullet in the pistol):

In this video he is interrogating 'cyborg' POWs from Donetsk Airport, trying to convince them that they better shoot themselves:

In this video he is blaming Ukrainian POWs for shelling of civilians, showing them their mutilated bodies (WARNING VERY GRAPHIC CONTENT):

Yet it was very clear that this shelling was done by the Russians themselves, since it was more then 10 kms from the front line. See this blog.

Sergei, knowing this, uses it for heavy psychological pressure.

In this similar video it can be seen that many of these POWs face have been beaten:

Screenshots from this video:

And yet another interogation video by Sergei:

These videos had been posted on his own Youtube-channel and VK-profile:

But he later removed them. He said that he had more videos, but had only posted the ones that were 'approved'. Can you imagine what's on the others?

Some information on him can also be found on this website.

This Russian soldier(!) fighting in Ukraine is one sick person, trying to break the spirits of POWs and torturing them physically, spiritually and emotionally. He himself should be put on the Interpol wanted-list...

Thanks to @cttmario for finding a lot of information.

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