Saturday, July 18, 2015

Donetsk and Avdiivka heavily hit by Russian shelling

Video shows heavy incoming shelling at center of Donetsk:

Another video shows (parts of) the same event:

This is the map of the area with camera positions and approximate impact locations:


Another aftermath video:

That video shows a piece of a shell being picked up:

That has been identified as a tank shell:
But... be careful. That piece could easily have planted there before it was picked up.

This screenshot can better be used to identify the shelltype:

It seems to be a stabilizing fin stuck into the ground.

This may be something that looks like what we are dealing with here:

Source: wikipedia.

And that happens to be the same kind of shell. So it seems likely that these were HE tank shells.

This video shows shelling in Donetsk continues during the night:

Location is here:

Google maps link.

A residential building in Avdiivka has also been hit:

A security camera filmed the incoming shells/explosions:

A screenshot from this video clearly shows where these shells come from:

That's from the South:

That line goes straight to the high apartment buildings near Donetsk Airport that have served as Givi's HQ during the entire battle for Donetsk Airport:

It means they have a good view on thoose buildings in Avdiivka and can see the impacts (or zero them in).
The security camera shows these buildings here:


Russia intensified it's attacks including deliberate targeting of civilian areas (either occupied or not). It is a coordinated attack including Social Media attacks by the St. Petersburg Troll centre.

Of course, as always Russia blames Ukraine. But it may be clear this is Russian instigated shelling.

And we all fear it is the prelude to a new massive summer-offensive.

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