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Possible truck and tanks identified that escorted the Russian BUK that shot down MH17

This blog about how the BUK had entered Ukraine on the 17th of July 2014, shows this photo:

It was a screenshot taken from the video that was shot from an apartment building in Zuhres and it was released by the SBU at that time. Yet they never released the video itself containing the truck. Only the part where the BUK could be seen on the loader.

It is a typical reinforced Ural truck, but it never got much attention.

We know from the leaked telephone calls that an escort would be arranged and we know it that Vostok battalion had it's base very close to were the BUK was waiting in Donetsk.

This movie from July 10th 2014 shows a Vostok convoy driving through Donetsk into the direction of Donetsk Airport:

Two reinforced trucks can be seen identical to the one from the BUK-video-screenshot.



Since Ural #2 has a machine gun mounted on top, that is not visible on the screenshot, it is very likely that this Ural #2 accompanied the BUK on that fatal day.

Of course there is a slight chance that they even had more of these modified Urals and that another such one accompanied the BUK. Yet that specific design was typical for Vostok battalion and thus it was Vostok battalion that accompanied the BUK to Snizhne.

Another piece of the puzzle
Another piece of the puzzle comes from this video. Three Russian T-64 can be seen driving on a road: 

This is the road driving TOWARDS Torez coming from Donetsk direction. This is the location:

Google Maps link.

This Panoramio photo has been shot into the same direction, but further down the road. The buildings in the distance are the same as in the video:

Red x = approximate position of camera filming the T-64s

The shadow of the barrel can be seen on the ground (in the video it is a bit more clear than on the photo). The light is coming from the (upper) left side of the road/tank:

With we can now calculate the approximate time at that moment. Set the location and the date. Then slide the time-button (red encircled) until the orange line corresponds with the direction of the light/shadow:

That time is somewhere between 11:00 and 12:00 local time of the computer checking. Since this computer is in Europe the local time in Ukraine was between 12:00 and 13:00. This is the probable time the BUK was transported down this same road.

So it is very well possible that these three T-64s were part of that transport! 

Another screenshot from the Zuhres-video does show exactly such a tank too:

It means it is very well possible that the BUK was filmed at this moment too! But RT left those shots unpublished for obvious reasons. Or the loader came a little bit later and wasn't catched on film.

Another video was shot at almost the same location also shows the three tanks AND the modified Ural:

It means the RT video was shot from this car:

Maybe somebody can trace it down?

Yet another video shows this Vostok transport:

It is filmed like this:

from this location on the outskirts of Makeevka. It does show the modified Ural and three tanks too. It was filmed at approximately 9:45 local computer time:

That is 10:45 Ukrainian time.

Also there is this video of another transport that day of 4 tanks from 'Oplot' into the direction of Donetsk (it was a busy road for transports...) on this location:

Considering the fact that none of the videos with the Vostok tanks show the BUK, it seems likely that the BUK has been transported a little bit or some more time later.

Also see this extensive analysis of the BUK-photos and Vostok videos with the Suncalc-method.

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