All about MH17

There are important events in Ukraine BEFORE MH17 was brought down:

July 14th AN-26 brought down

July 16th Evidence that Russia is attacking Ukraine across the border

July 17th MH17 brought down
Here are all relevant blogs about MH17:

Was a Ukrainian BUK captured?

The single most important publication outside this blog about MH17 can be found here:
Althoug I would object calling it a 'separatists' BUK. It was a Russian BUK, with a Russian crew, under command of Russian officers in Russian occupied territory, with yes... some local assistance.

My conclusions on who brought MH17 down:
  • It was a Russian BUK with a Russian crew. 
  • They put the BUK close to the Russian border, so it could connect with a radar on Russian territory.
  • The people who 'pushed the button' knew it was a civilian plane they were bringing down, because their equipment tells them so.
  • Therefor the people who gave the order knew it too.
  • It was a Russian commander who gave the order.
  • Soldiers in Ukraine and their officers did not need to know about this. It was convenient if they believed it was a transport plane. Who told them it was a transport plane anyways?
  • MH17 was brought down deliberately. It was not a mistake.

Possible motives:
  • To draw away attention from the fact that Russia was attacking Ukraine across the border. (If this was the intention, they succeeded in it very well!!)
  • To drag Europe into a war. (Not succeeded. They are still bullying and looking for excuses to be more and more aggressive and expand their borders.)
  • To clear the airspace. Previously Russia had been consequently trying to break down Ukraines air superiority. They did not want civilian airplanes in the area anymore, so they could just shoot at whatever they would see. (Succeeded in this VERY well!)
  • whatever other thing might originate from a sick brain...

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