About me

I am Dajey Petros.

Or maybe not.
Maybe I have a carefully constructed identity.
Or maybe not.
Who cares?
I prefer to keep some level of anonymity because right now I tend to analyse and expose Russian atrocities such as in East-Ukraine, such as with MH17. I do not want to find my car blown up one day, as Maidan protesters experienced under the Yanukovych-regime.
I do not want to have to keep my mouth shut out of fear that some crazy Russian mafia-guy thinks he will do the world, excuse me: Russia, a favor by making my life miserable or even worse...
So please respect my wish and even if you (think you) know me... just don't!
Thank you :D.

My credentials and my background? Not important. Read my blogs. Decide for yourself.

I showed that Russia was bringing in tanks across the Ukrainian border.
I proved Russia was attacking Ukraine across the border with GRAD rockets.
I was the one who geolocated the video of the BUK driving to its launch location.
I geolocated and/or confirmed all of the photos and videos of MH17.
I discovered the missile launch location that brought down MH17.
I proved that Russia is deliberately shelling Ukrainian villages and cities just to create disaster and blame Ukraine for it.
And you name it...

But I do not work alone. Many of my followers give me hints, pass information or they correct me when I am wrong. Sometimes they are credited for it. Sometimes they prefer to stay anonymous like me :-). But it's this collective effort and contribution that makes me able to things like this.
Power to the people!

You will not find me using words such as 'purportedly' and 'allegedly'. It means you did not bother to take time to check whether something is true or not. Yes, using these words give you an aura of independence, neutrality and not-being-involved in what you write about. But I don't mind being engaged, involved. And I don't even mind so much to make errors. Because when you dig for the truth, you have to test hypotheses. And sometimes a hypothesis turns out to be wrong. In which cases I will correct.

I am doing this since March 2014, because after Maidan Putin/Russia had shown its real face to the world. What would you have done in Hitlers time? Sit back and relax? I can't...

I don't know if I can keep doing this, since it costs a lot of time, but it IS something I like to do.
If you think this is valuable and necessary, you may support me by locating the 'donate'-button on this blog and following the steps after pushing it :D.

When you live in Ukraine: please do not donate. Your country needs it harder than me.


At your service and keep sending info.

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