Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nazis are the core of Russia's Hybrid Army in Ukraine

It has been long known that individual nazis are operating within Russia's Hybrid Army in Ukraine.
Recently arrested and self-proclaimed "People's Governor of Donetsk" Paul Gubarev is one of them:

Another well-known example is sadist 'puppy-killer' mercenary Alexey Milchakov:

See this blog about him.

Such cases could easily be dismissed as 'individual extreme cases'. Within the Right Sector Azov battalion such individuals also had been found. See this blog.

Recently a disturbing photo-album has been published on the VK-page of Gennadiy Dubovoy.
Dubovoy seems to be a mercenary since the beginning. His VK-page starts in 2013, long before the war, but when the preparations of ' Donetsk Peoples Republic' were already ongoing, He has been in the Mariupol-clashes, in the battle of Slavyansk, Motorola's wedding and many other crucial events.

Dubovoy before the Russian-Ukrainian war:

Dubovoy in front of the occupied Donetsk administration building:

Dubovoy as a 'self-defence' citizen:

 Dubovoy as a soldier in the trenches of Slavyansk:

Recent photo of Dubovoy:

There are thousands of photos on his albums on VK and he seems to try to record all main events of his group.

The mentioned album shows some kind of Nazi ritual for their battle group. You can find the essential photos of this album here. The photos themselves tell the story:

This last guy is Norwegian-Russian neo-Nazi Yan Petrovsky and he can also be seen on this July 2014-photo with Alexey Milchakov:

It means they cooperate for a long time already.

The girl is ANNA-presenter and FSB-agent Yuli Kharlamova:

You can find a lot more info on Yulia here.

Here you can see Alexey and the other guy attending the Far-right/Nazi conference in St. Petersburg last year:

What we have here is a veteran group of Russian Nazis who fight in Ukraine, who form a battle group, train other soldiers and perform some Nazi, or even satanic? ritual. They seem to have some priest, who reads from a Nazi-book in an ancient slavic language. They perform the Nazi-sign all the time, make vows, kiss bread and burn the bread.
They are performing this ritual openly, publish the photos on internet for everybody to see.
Yulia is an FSB-agent. She is a presenter of ANNA-News.

In other words: the elite fighting group of the Russian Hybrid Army in Ukraine consists of hardcore Nazis. They are known for their very brutal fighting and killings of Ukrainians posting selfies with just killed soldiers. See this blog for instance.

This is very different from the Azov-nazi-individuals. As could be read in the blog about them, Azov immediately took care of those individuals when they crossed the line.
In Russia's army the nazis structurally and openly belong to the core and they train others.

Here are some more photos of the people belonging to this Nazi-core:

This very long video (likely taken by Dubovoy) contains unique battle footage from Slavyansk and is dedicated to the 300 'steel men' that held the front in Semenovka, the key position to Slavyansk and Donbas that was the area of fiercest battles.
Dubovoy is one of these 'steel men' as well as war-criminal Motorola:

and also this guy:

He can be seen in the later photos as well:

It means that (most of) these guys belong to the core group that started the Russian war in Donbas, Ukraine.



UPDATE 14-7-2015 
All photos with the Nazi salute have been removed now from the VK-album. But all the others are still there and it looks like an ordinary picnic (which it is NOT!:

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  1. Great post and a great blog overall. Thank you for doing this crucial work. There are so many lies floating around about Russia's was on Ukraine. Putin's propaganda machine is strong and people are buying into the lies.

    A year ago, when I first blogged about the Russian Nazis in Ukraine, nobody believed me and said that the photos of Russians with swastikas were photo-shopped and fabricated. But the evidence is overwhelming, as you show very convincingly!


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