Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Member of Nazi unit 'Русич', Oksana Nikadimova allowed to spy during OSCE-trips?

@noclador raised a serious matter. In this thread he pointed out that a lady called Oksana Nikadimova is a fighter in the Russian Nazi unit 'Русич' and ALSO has an accreditation as a 'journalist' so she can join OSCE-trips.

Here Oksana can be seen on an OSCE-trip:

(Note Simon Ostrovsky on the background)

The photo comes from her own VK-page:

Link to original.

(Zhabunki is small village on the frontline between Donetsk Airport and Pisky)
Here she can be seen recording Basurin:

Link to original.

With this photo she is explaining what her role is in (the Nazi unit) 'ДШРГ Русич' during an exercise:

You can find the VK-page of 'ДШРГ Русич' here.

This is the sign/emblem of that group:

This is the unit that puppy-killer neo-Nazi Alexey Milchakov is a member of. Read about this Nazi-group here.

Oksana has a photo with him too on his profile:

Note the symbol on her helmet.

Group photo:

With sniper-gun:

Working as a journalist again at the location where Russian shells hit playing kids (see this blog):

Link to original.

Recently she has been given a medal:

 Link to original.

Note the discussion. Somebody says he's shocked to see that she gets Hitler-medal. She excuses herself that for her it is not about Hitler, but she just likes the symbol. Yeah right.

Clearly Oksana Nikadimova has been spotted during an OSCE-trip. It is also clear that she at least has very tight friendships with the core Russian Nazi-battlegroup in Ukraine, if she is not just a member of it as an embedded 'journalist' who also gets military training.

Remember that ANNA-presenter and FSB-agent Yuli Kharlamova has the same double-role:

It is naive to think that the information she gathers during such trips is not been given to her unit & friends.

In other words: OSCE should not allow her (and her kind) on any such trips anymore.

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