Thursday, July 2, 2015

Russia's expanding military base at Belgorod

Belgorod is the last stop in Russia to Kharkiv.
Recent new satellite images in Google Earth shows how this military base is changing and expanding, just like the ones near Donbas had been doing:

This is the situation on April 17th in 2013:

Almost a year later, now March 7th 2014 and it is still the same:

But, one and a half month later we see a HUGE build-up exactly in the period that the conflict in Donbas started:

At the same time a little bit more North were there is an airstrip, we also see a lot of units appear. This is the situation at March 7th:

And one and a half month later:

On June 7th 2015, that is one month ago(!) we see even more expansions, but also earlier places that had been abandoned:

Probably this has to do with rotation of forces. Nevertheless the size of the camp has become a lot larger in one years time.

Just to give you an idea of the ENORMOUS size of this camp: in the southwest yellow area alone, some 284 vehicles of various type can be counted:

Yet another sign that this is Russia's war against Ukraine. And also a sign that this is not over yet: this Belgorod camp has the largest size ever in June 2015.

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