Thursday, January 29, 2015

Google Earth shows Russians crossed border to attack Ukrainian camp at Zelenopole

On July 16th I published a blog that showed and proved how Russian GRAD MLRS attacked Ukraine across the border.

Earlier on July 11th I had already written about Zelenopole. A Ukrainian camp had totally been destroyed there. We suspected this was done from Russian territory:

But there was never conclusive evidence this was indeed the case.

Now Google Earth has updated satellite images on this location. And it shows that it had EXACTLY happened as suspected!

Here is the layout of the camp:

The dark blue area is where the concentration of vehicles is and what it destroyed. The other areas are tents in the trees, fire positions and dug-in positions.

This is how it looks like on the Russian border:

It may not be obvious at once, but comparison with a very old image (the only available) may help:

These are the tracks we see:

When we zoom in, we can clearly see the tracks that are crossing the border:

The tracks lead to two areas in the field with GRAD launch burn patterns:

The upper one in this image is pointing up (red arrows). The lower ones are less clear, but still a direction can be determined. They point to bottom left in the image (red lines). Fourteen! firing positions can be seen.

Next thing we do is draw a line from this location, into the direction it is pointing and extend that line:

On a larger scale that looks like this:

It is directed EXACTLY at the area that was hit and destroyed.

This was before the attack:

This was after the atack:

It is proven now how Russia attacked the Ukrainian camp near Zelenopole . They crossed the border with 14 BM-21 GRAD MLRS and fired devastating loads of rockets on the unsuspecting Ukrainians. Back then the Russians said it was 'the terrorist who did it'. Or 'the rebels'.

This is now officially the FIRST recorded cross border attack from Russia into Ukraine.

This is a Google Earth video showing the attack:

Here is another very similar incident Google Earth reveals now:

Red arrows = where tracks can be seen crossing the border
Yellow area = GRAD burn marks
Red line = direction the burn marks are pointing to

This is how the tracks crossing the border are going:

On a large scale we can see the direction is towards a KNOWN destroyed Ukrainian camp:

This is the camp:

The impact directions of many craters correspond with the firing direction (red line), but not all. It means this camp has been attacked from another direction too.

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