Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Military Studies @ArmedResearch turns out to be a Russian Propaganda Troll

I had an eye on him for some time, but he stayed under the radar until today.

With the attack on the Ukrainian checkpoint near Volnovakha where 12 civilians died:
The trolls immediately started to remove their bragging about the attack and spinning stories about how 'Ukraine did it'.
In this case a Ukrainian claymore attached to a tree would have done the job...

I made some screenshots and photoshopped some clarifying text to it to show the nonsense of such an idea:
And especially at such moments trolls may come out of their holes...

He is trying to lobby for the Russian Propaganda twist of it!!!

Military Studies... Sounds pro!

Military Historian. Currently watching Ukraine... 7774 followers. Gee!
Impressive (looking) guy.

I responded to him and saved his answers meanwhile, so he could not delete them like some of his friends do.
And also:
His responses:

He tries to stay under his cover... But by NOT condemning the brutal killings of civilians by the Russian MLRS attack, he justifies it and shows who he is:

"all your propagandist Ukrainian friends"... Speaks for itself who HIS friends are.. His "Let's do this" means he understands he can not keep his cover anymore and he comes out.

Meanwhile another troll comes to help:

And here we go:

Oh wow, that was clarifying :D.

Experts scolding on internet...

And ANOTHER troll comes in telling lies:

Well, that was funny actually :D.

Ok enough for now. @ArmedResearch (Twitter ID 2779009591) exposed...

Oh wait! This one came in late... @ArmedResearch informs us about his brotherly account(s) too:

UPDATE@rConflict responded to this as follows:
So we had a discussion where I asked him to clarify himself, but he answered 'they' wanted to be neutral:
You can read the whole conversation here.

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