Monday, January 19, 2015

Who wants to help me buy a NAS server?

As you all may know as a standard procedure I download almost all videos I discuss.

Right now I have a 2 Terabyte RAID disk in my computer and 3 1-Terabyte external drives:

It's not critical yet, but I need more storage and if one of these external harddisks fails, I will loose all that info.

So I need to buy a good NAS server with LOOOTS of space... :D
That will cost some 800 euros. I haven't made my mind up yet about the exact brand and type though.

You may have noticed that I recently started using my Youtube channel too. Either as a backup for really important and disappeared videos or for videos I made myself.

I use the complete Adobe suite (mostly Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects). Here you can see what monthly costs there are for this software alone...

Your one-time donation will help me to buy the equipment I need to do the work I do.

Your monthly subscription will help me to cover the costs I have.
Right now I dedicate 50% or more of my time (and like 80% of my free time) to this cause.

When you live in Ukraine, PLEASE DO NOT DONATE. There are hundreds of other and better ways you can help the people of your country. I inform Western people about what is going on. Let THEM contribute to this :D.

When I have enough money to buy the NAS-server, I will publish a picture here of what I have bought.

Thanks all.

Fantastic! The money for the NAS is in. I have already looked into what I want. Soon I will buy one and let you guys know what it is.

I will send all sponsors a thank-you-note shortly too :D.

Meanwhile everybody else may continue to support me and my work here of course.

I wanted to write earlier, but too much has been going on...

The server is installed!

I am VERY happy with it. Busy transferring all material to it now.
And as a THANK YOU to all who contributed, I give you an EXCLUSIVE look at my work environment :D :

That's where and how I follow the news, photoshop images, download and edit videos... etcetera.

And yes, I downloaded a LOT of videos today, for viewing and archiving...

And you may continue to support my work of course.


  1. Hi
    I have sent you 50 euro from Czech money next month :-)


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