Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Google Earth shows biggest Russian camp ever near Ukrainian border

Google just updated some imagery and now reveals the biggest Russian camp near the Ukrainian border ever on its October 10th images:

From top to bottom it is 5 kms long and it is 500 meters wide (red areas on the left side). Even the Rostov camp is not that large. The biggest part of the Rostov camp is 1,5 x 1,5 kms.

Rostov camp on same scale:

Russian Donetsk camp on same scale:

The entire area East of the camp seems to be a training field for firing some 5 x 5 kms and is littered with tracks and strange objects (large yellow area).

Note that previously this camp did not exist:

Clearly this camp has been build as a stepping stone for the August 24th Russian invasion that led to the Ilovaisk disaster and defeat of the Ukrainian army.

Here a video of that Russian invasion army can be seen:

Also read this blog about the Ilovaisk disaster.

Here are some detailed shots from the camp:

Some 200 large tents can be counted. If 20 people can sleep in a large tent, it could give shelter to 4.000 people.
But there are also some other 100-200 spaces where tents HAVE BEEN standing:

These might have been from the units that have entered Ukraine after having temporarily stayed in this base.

This shot seems to show some firing range with helicopter landing areas and strange objects in the field:

But these might also be ad hoc ammunition bunkers.

Weird patterns covered with tracks:

Maybe some trenches or underground bunkers:

Several locations with mortar impacts, showing it is used as a training and firing ground:

Another position with buildings and trenches:

It was already known from VK-photos that this camp existed. But now the full extent of it is clear.

Link to photoLink to original.

Link to photo. Link to original.

Link to photo. Link to original.

Link to photo. Link to original.

Link to photoLink to original.

Link to photoLink to original.

More photos can be found here.

Weird thing is that there is some kind of pipeline or sewer to or from that area to a nearby lake (blue line):

This can be seen on the October 20th 2013 image, but NOT on the August 28 2012 image.

It means they were already executing the plans to build this camp (for invasion of Ukraine) at the end of 2013.

Help spread the message:

Google Earth also revealed ANOTHER Russian camp 8 kms from the Ukrainian border near Lugansk:

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