Saturday, January 24, 2015

Russian MLRS attack on Mariupol

In this video Zakharchenko announced the attack on Mariupol (the ultimate goal is to create a corridor to Crimea):

For those Who do not understand Russian, here is a summary of what he is saying:

And then this happened (29 civilians died)...

This is the route he is walking:

Link to VERY GRAPHIC video from Azov looking for victims.

This dashcam video recorded the moment of impacts:

It is filmed like this:

Another dashcam video shows how cars get hit:

Here are all the impacts (with directions = red lines), fires and victims I have been able to find:

It is VERY CLEAR where these rockets came from:

This is done by RUSSIAN rocket launchers, with RUSSIAN rockets, by soldiers speaking RUSSIAN, running RUSSIAN flags on their vehicles and with RUSSIAN emblems on their sleeves...

If you still want to insist that these are just local monkeys, watch this video and ask yourself this question: "Who is responsible for the destruction if you give a dangerous weapon to a monkey? The monkey or the one gave him the weapon(s)?"

But what is actually the difference anyways, if you have locals, local criminals, 'rebels', 'separatists', monkeys, 'mercenaries' or an army fighting for you? They ALL fight for you... so it is RUSSIAS WAR AGAINST UKRAINE.

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  1. Longer version of the dashcamvideo:

    The way the driver has taken on the map:


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