Friday, January 30, 2015

Ukraine: You can not fight an enemy you don't acknowledge!

Ok, I will explain it one more time...

You see this equipment?
It is RUSSIAN equipment...
Being transported through Russia...
'Separatists' do not transport heavy army equipment through Russia, now do they?

Now Russian media tends to film THESE type of guys a lot:
But these are, either local or imported criminals and especially chosen to be filmed to GIVE THE IMPRESSION it is all just a local 'rebel' army.

But check this...

Here you can see two Russian 2S7 Pion with a command and control MT-LB driving through Makeevka, Ukraine the other day:
How did they get there?

You think these toothless monkeys operate that kind of stuff?
You think these toothless monkeys operated the BUK that brought down MH17?
These local and imported criminals are given guns and mortars and they get orders to shell cities and villages! In return for which they are granted amnesty (see this) ... (but likely will end up dead anyways).

When these bastards hit target, dozens of civilians may die...

That's where they bring in the 'journos' like Graham Phillips and Patrick Lancaster:

And then the Blame-Ukraine-Game can begin:

Lazy Western journalists, who do not want to get involved in the conflict and stay neutral because THEN they think they are objective, report things like "They blame each other...". Case closed.

And MEANWHILE the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, driving Russian equipment in Ukraine, killing Ukrainian soldiers on Ukrainian soil as well as Ukrainian civilians they said they came to protect, OPENLY DRIVE THE RUSSIAN FLAG:

And STILL Western journalists and politicians talk about 'Russia supplying weapons to terrorists...'


Meanwhile the Russian army is trying to create Ilovaisk 2.0 at Debaltseve...
Read this blog to see how the Russian army invaded Ukraine and destroyed the Ukrainian volunteer batallions at Ilovaisk 1.0.

Let me be V.E.R.Y. clear on this:
Because you can not fight an enemy, you do not acknowledge...

I will repeat that:

You can not fight an enemy you don't acknowledge!

You can not fight cancer if you don't acknowledge you have it.
You can not fight cancer if you treat it like fever...!

Ukraine has cancer...
And the name of that cancer is called RUSSIA.
Or even better: PUTIN... the KREMLIN, because Russia is a state run by mafia.

The ONLY solution to this cancer is to GET IT OUT OF UKRAINES BODY,
If radiation does not work, than CUT it out*.

So in the end. whoever you are, the question is: are YOU (from now on) CONTRIBUTING to the deception, or are you contributing to the SOLUTION?

Thank you.

* And spare the good cells (= locals).
There ARE locals fighting in this conflict. And as with cancer there are INFECTED (local) cells and GOOD (local) cells...
For the trolls: Ukrainian-killing-Russians are a cancer yes. A deadly one. Almost ALL people in Donbas are victims of these types. And Russian Media Propaganda Trolls HELP to brainwash them.
Most Russian people are also VICTIMS of their Mafia regime.


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