Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WARNING GRAPHIC: Barbarism in so called 'Novorossiya'...

There is not much novo about Novorossiya. It is going back to the middle ages or worse.
Check these examples:

1. Publicly display perpetrators so people can humiliate them:

2. Punish them with the whip when they did something wrong:

3. Let a thief publicly walk through a row of 20 people each of them hitting him with a stick:

While the big guy with the mustache and the medals is watching and laughing:

4. Women are forbidden to go to bars:

5. If they do, "they should all be raped":
6. They DID catch a girl going to a bar. So they videotaped her while she was tied to the bed, getting whipped on her naked bottom:

The ugly guy with the fat belly hits her 32 times in the video. This is the endresult:

Why does this bastard not allow a girl to go to a bar, but he, with his fat belly can torture her and see her but-naked while he watches her?

I am NOT going to put links to the video, because some similar sick people as the ones who are doing this, might find such a video interesting...

There is a suspect for the torturer in this video:
What's next? Throwing acid in a womans face?

7. Sentence a rapist (which is UTTERLY BAD) to death by public voting (are you kidding me?)

8. Cutting of the ear of a POW for whatever reason.

Link to video (which will soon be removed).

These sick bastards even show a photo of the cut of ear on their VK-profile:

Take note that the pants and the grass is the same as in the video.

That guy even uses this photo as HIS PROFILE photo:
His fake name is: Ivan Smirnov)
This is his VK-page: https://vk.com/id197032490
This the link to his photo-album. (WARNING: really sick guy. many mutilated bodies)

The guy holding the ear seems to be Alexey Milchakov:

9. Abduction of people in broad daylight who oppose you:

In this case a person in Makeevka.
Why not? When you have a weapon, what are people going to do about it?

People... DO realize this: when the current Ukrainian front falls or shifts Westward, this will ALL come to you and your children too. Those who defend against this barbarism and terror are true heros! Freedom ends across the border of Novorossiya.


  1. You should have probably mentioned public sentencing to death as seen in this video:

    This footage from Slovjansk by Vice News might also be of interest:

  2. "Ukrainian Woman Tells Of Public Abuse At Hands Of Pro-Moscow Separatists

    Wrapped in a Ukrainian flag, Iryna Dovhan is forced to stand at a Donetsk intersection with a sign identifying her as a spy and reading: "She kills our children." A woman berates and then kicks Dovhan as a man holding a rifle looks on."



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