Friday, November 28, 2014

Russian army disguised as rebel army ready for 2nd invasion into Donbas

On Russias VK social network photos appeared from Russias 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade being disguised as the so called 'NovoRossiya' rebel army.

These must be some 100+ vehicles!

They removed license plates, write all kind of slogans on it, and run a Novorossiya flag. As simple as this may seem, it has been a VERY effective way of fooling the West in the idea that there is some real rebel movement going on.

The 200th Brigade has been in Ukraine before when they defeated the Ukrainian army south of Lugansk:
The first of these photos is taken from the Russian convoy that returned to Russia on Sept 2nd. See this blog. The second photo is a screenshot from the Russian ANNA news where wounded soldiers are taken from the battle field near Luhansk. It has the same hull-number. The 3rd and 4th photo are from the 200th brigade.

This means the threat is real that a second may happen again.
Putin has threatened to do so, if Poroshenko will not acknowledge the fake, terrorist organisations of DNR and LNR:

Do understand there are already A LOT of Russian troops in East-Ukraine. Just some quick examples
And Russian soldiers also die in Ukraine:

So remember:

It's a Russian war with Ukraine/Europe and Putin will look for ANY excuse to bring it to the next level any moment soon.

Here is a composition of screenshots from the video of the 1st Russian invasion force:

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