Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kenneth Roth from HRW falls for Russian propaganda

This tweet:

from the big boss at HRW:

Links to this article on Newsweek:

It quotes HRW like this:

But this article by Julia Davis shows that Newsweek had fallen prey to Russian Propaganda:

This shows that HRW is not even cross-checking it's sources before making such huge allegations:

Since Kenneth Roth publicly accuses Ukraine, he also needs to publicly correct and apologize for this mistake.

Kenneth finally deleted his tweet. BUT THIS IS NOT ENOUGH!! When it gets retweeted 328 times you send a message out to the world. If then after 2 days you delete the tweet, the message has STILL COME ACROSS. I can delete ALL my tweets after two days and I am still communicating.

Kenneth needs to send a CORRECTION and an APOLOGY, because right now his followers are STILL MISINFORMED!!

We are waiting...

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