Thursday, February 5, 2015

If you still call Russians fighting in Ukraine 'separatists' please answer these questions

If the war in Ukraine is 'local rebels' uprising or 'separatist' against the Ukrainian government, then answer these questions please:
  1. Why was the FIRST thing they did after seizing administration buildings, replacing ALL tv-channels for RUSSIAN ones?
  2. Why did RUSSIA attack a Ukrainian camp near Zelenopole on July 11th CROSSING THE BORDER with 14 GRAD rocket launchers? See this blog.
  3. Why did RUSSIA attack a Ukrainian camp with GRAD rocket launchers from Gukovo on July 16th? See this blog.
  4. Why did RUSSIA drive one of their most advanced anti-air systems into Ukraine that shot down MH17? See this blog.
  5. Why did RUSSIA invade Ukraine in the end of August to destroy the volunteer battalions that were retreating from Ilovaisk and were promised a safe passage? See this blog.
  6. Why did RUSSIA invade Ukraine in the end of August to conquer Lugansk Airport as can be seen on Google Earth? See this blog.
  7. Why did RUSSIA attack a Ukrainian army camp OUTSIDE the conflict area from RUSSIAN TERRITORY on Sept 14th, which is AFTER the Minsk agreement. See this blog.
  8. Why does Russia send ENDLESS amounts of ammunition into Ukraine under cover of 'humanitarian aid' in white-painted trucks?
  9. Why does Russia send all their newest equipment into Ukraine?
  10. Why does Russia send their Electronic warfare units into Ukraine?
  11. Why does Russia recruit criminals to fight in Ukraine in exchange for amnesty? See this blog.
  12. Why does Russia recruit mercenaries from all over Russia to fight in Ukraine?
  13. Why do we hear "Alluha akbar" ALL THE TIME in videos?
  14. Why does Russia keep Nadiya Savchenko captive as a prisoner of war?
  15. Why does all the command and control of the battle groups in Ukraine consist of RUSSIAN officers (such as Girkin and others)?
  16. Why does Russia send in their Special Forces (to capture administration buildings or to lay ambushes on retreating Aidar units etc.)? See this blog with SOF taking Lohvynove.
  17. Why does Russia send in it's green little men like it did in Crimea. But now they are called 'polite people'?
  18. Why are there RUSSIAN generals in Ukraine? See this blog. Or this tweet.
  19. Why do Russian tanks fly the RUSSIAN flag in Ukraine?
  20. Etcetera, etcetera...

Russia wants you to believe it is a local uprising, so it can freely operate under that cover.


otherwise you CONTRIBUTE to the confusion.

You want to hear what locals say? Watch this powerful video:

Also see: you can not fight an enemy you don't acknowledge.


  1. Hi, you are doing a great job with your analysis and every piece of your blog is worth reading. Everyone who wants to know facts should read it. I'd be more then happy if I could translate some of your articles to Polish and put them on my blog, so they could reach broader audience. Of course I'll put reference to your blog. Please let me know if you agree :)

    P.S. Here's link to my blog:

    Good luck!

    1. Yes, feel free to do so. Use the original images and make a link to my blog so people can see the original too. And sometimes I may change or add things, so it's important they can find it.


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