Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kramatorsk attacked with Smerch BM-30 300mm rockets

Kramatorsk has been attacked:

This is the point of view:

In this video you can hear the terrifying sound of the attack:

Photos of aftermath:

These are Smerch rockets:

This map shows that #Kramatorsk is WELL WITHIN range of Smerch missiles (max 90 kms).

Earlier Uragan MLRS launchers had been spotted in Khartsyzsk. See this blog.

Determining directions 
Wikimapia link to address Lenina str 43.

It's at an angle of some 45 degrees relative to the wall of the house.
On the map:

The angle and direction at which this rocket is pointing is not reliable, because it likely hit (branches of) the tree first.

This tweep says SE:

Unfortunately there is no way to check this at the moment, so it's unconfirmed.

This video:

 Location and direction:

The problem with this one is also that it is in the middle of five trees, so direction is not very reliable, because it may have hit something first.

Here is another one:

All five on a map look like this:

The yellow line is the direction coming from Khartsyzsk, what was reported to be the launch location.

Three ? and the two without ? point in different directions...!
I may have a made errors somewhere of course. Please let me know if you see one.

But it seems to me that after delivering their payload, Smerch-rockets maybe twist downwards and may hit the ground it different angles. This may be due to the fact that body and engine disconnect and the front of the engine catching wind, so it may start to twirl.

If that is true, it means that ANY direction determined on a single impact is highly unreliable in the case of Smerch-rockets.

But even so, it does not need to be unclear that the RUSSIANS shot at the Ukrainian military airfield and meanwhile hit civilians targets too.

Tweep @falcius comes with a good suggestion:
That definitely makes this one point in the SE direction too.

Tweep @novostidnua provides another way of determining direction. Somehow he got hold on or made a map of all impacts:

RED marker = dead/wounded
BLUE = damaged bldg
GREEN = unexploded shell
The oval shape of impacts determines where they came from:

The yellow line is the middle line and it is approximately the same as the yellow line coming from Khartsyzsk.

It looks like the airfield had been attacked SEPARATELY, which is consistent with the reports of ANOTHER attack after the first one:

Smerchs had been spotted driving in Makeevka:

Aftermath on the airfield:

Somebody had witnessed the launch of Smerch rockets and posted the location on facebook:

Link to Google maps.

His message on autotranslate:

This is VERY consistent with everything else presented here, so this is highly likely true.

CCTV footage has been released of the impacts of cluster munition in Kramatorsk:

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