Monday, February 9, 2015

SERIOUS ESCALATION: Russia attacks Ukraine from the air?

Starting from January 21st there came reports of 'LNR' building their own Air Force, including this video:

Today CensorNet, known to be biased very often, comes with another report:

But this time there is coming confirmation:

'Snow' means Snizhne.

That MAY make sense, because they will always first 'test the water'... obviously nothing bad happened, with this test flight into Ukraine and so they can go for the real attack today.

This article also reports about the airstrike:

Now it gets interesting:
Yet, InterpreterMag writes:

So it is actually REALLY WEIRD that the WEATHER is used as an argument to deny it.

The latest evaluation of all this information is this:

Two SU-25 have been seen on saterday, but no strikes have been made yet.

Link to facebook article.

BUT... That's HUGE anyways!!!
Now testing, next time real attack...

Another confirmation on facebook:

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