Sunday, July 27, 2014

US satellite images show Russian attacks across the border

US ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt tweeted four times with satellite images showing several attacks from Russia across the border:

Of course the US knew this all the time.
We knew this all the time.
On July 16th a Russian boy uploaded some movies that he made of GRADs firing. See blog. Based on these videos it could be proven that they fired from Russian territory into Ukraine.
But on July 11th there was already a Ukrainian camp/convoy totally destroyed reported being attack from across the border. See blog.

Basically all the Ukrainian units along the border are being crushed because of this.

Finally the US steps in and publicly announces what they know.

Now do the right thing and support Ukraine in a proper way to end the Russian aggression.

Here you can see a movie of such shelling:

This is the result of GRAD shelling:

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