Saturday, July 5, 2014

(GRAPHIC) Rebel retreat from Slovyansk didn't go without a fight.

On June 5th Slovyansk and Kramatorsk had been abandoned by the almost encircled (pro) Russians who retreated to Donetsk. This did no go without a fight.

Here are some photos released after the aftermath:

Those victims probably are (pro) Russians.

Here is a movie of this location:

These are old photos of the Ukrainian checkpoint at this location:

You can see the similarities.

A map of this location:

It means the (pro) Russians had attacked this checkpoint and overrun it to flee to Kramatorsk. 

Here is part of the convoy on the retreat:

Most of them went to Donetsk to fight another day.

They left Kramatorsk almost empty.
In this video it can be seen how the remaining resistance in Kramatorsk is being cleared:

This is the geolocation in Google maps:

Some people questioned why the army had allowed the rebels to retreat. Yet, by allowing them to do so, Slovyansk has been freed without leveling the city to the ground. They should do the same with Donetsk and Lugansk. Encircle ... leave a route open for retreat ... Next city. Let them go back to the country they love so much.

Or maybe drive their tanks to Moscow?


  1. destroyed bmd #824 and #740 - ukrainian

  2. Regarding the fight at the checkpoint. How many destroed tanks and vehicles are there? I see at least two T-64:s (one in a ditch intact, the other blown apart), two BMP:s, at least one BMD. Photos from ATO press-centre:

  3. According to ukrainian MoD ( enemy losses include 1 tank (probably T-64BV which can be seen in fragments such as gun with part of the turret and 3 BMP's (probably BMP-2 No 128, unknown BMP and burned BMD-2).
    Later another official source make claim about 5 armored vehiles - 1 tank 2 BMP 2 BMD, probably 4 mentioned above plus BMD-1 in Kramatorsk (
    Checkpoint before (at least 6 BMD)
    and after attack
    It seems that militia had destroyed checkpoint but hit into minefield and was stopped and destroyed also.
    P.S. It was dummy attack according to Strelkov. Main force choose another road for break-through.
    Unfortunately for militia such losses are very heavy because they had only 2-3 tanks, and up to 10 armored carriers in Slaviansk-Kramatorsk area.


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