Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fake video of MH17 missile launch

I don't want to pay too much attention to fake photos and videos. I like to just ignore them. But if it keeps coming back at me, I guess I have to address is.

So this video is circulating the web:

It supposedly was recorded by Meteosat, as it said in the tweet. This is what the owners of Meteosat have to say about it:
This should be enough, but if you are still in doubt:
  • weather satellites don't record videos, they take photos every 15 minutes.
  • weather satellites don't make detailed images, but make large overview images.
  • A video like this COULD make sense if it was perfectly GEOLOCATED. This is just something from a videogame or so.
  • It does NOT FIT the known launch location.
And here is the final answer:

Topic closed please. Ignore this stuff and delete it. All time you spend on this = feeding the trolls. Next time don't be so easily fooled.

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