Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rebels, pro-Russians or just Russians?

A lot of journalists still talk of 'rebels' and 'proRussians', 'separatists' or 'proRussian separatists'
This is NOT the right reflection of reality and therefore the terms are unjust and misleading.

Furthermore Russia is attacking Ukraine ACROSS the border with GRADs and heavy artillery.
In this video Russian units are probing the border, they turn just before it:

This video shows Russian regular army crossing the border:

In this one crossing the border and attacking:

Yes, there are locals who fight with the Russians, like here in Horlivka:
And of course there are also some REAL proRussian locals who joined. But these people are more VICTIMS of the constant brainwashing of Russian Propaganda then true separatists:

So, when you read this, from now on, call them what they are: 'Russian invaders', 'Russian terrorists', 'Russians', 'terrorists', Terrorussians... these are the right terms to use.
If you really, REALLY want to be politically correct, call them like this: 'Russians with a whiff of diminishing local support':
Any questions?
You want to see the video where locals BEG the 'Russians' to leave? Ok, here it is:

And NO, 'Russian-backed separatists' is not good either! This is a Russian operation to annex Ukrainian territory. Didn't you pay attention at what happened with Crimea?

'Mercenaries' maybe. Yes, a lot of them. But who pays them and where do they come from? And from whom do they get weapons? And whom do they obey? ALL soldiers get paid.

This is how they end up:

If you have any additions, let me know.

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