Sunday, July 20, 2014

Russia commands to destroy the city of Lugansk

For weeks now shelling has been going on on Luhansk.

First with mortars.

Then with GRADs. See this blog for instance.

The BEST way to let the world forget about the downing of MH17 is to create NEW horrible events.

This is from one day after downing MH17:
Russia has ordered to destroy the city of Lugansk!
I double checked for the right translation:

This is the link to an EXTREMELY GRAPHIC video of torn apart civilians in Lugansk. This video will soon be removed from Youtube, because of its graphic content.
But it will give you a PREVIEW of what is to come.
Here is another one with some English subtitles. Note how the civilians blame Poroshencko because they really believe it was the Ukrainians who did this.

This will happen before the world nows it and is able to respond.

I have been monitoring the situation in East-Ukraine for two intense months now. I have not seen the Russians make these lurid videos yet. So I repeat: Russia is going to create a massacre in Lugansk. The shelling will intensify every day to come.

Powerful video of citizens who supported the fake 'Donetsk Peoples Republic' earlier, but now beg them to leave:

This is a video of people who are liberated from the Russian terror:

Here is a video by professional Russian Troll Graham Phillips who fails to get the right answers from some inhabitants of Slovyansk (translation can be found here):

Here is some more news related to this:

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