Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Russian convoy of some 20 vehicles traveled through Lugansk to Donetsk

Today reports came out of up to 200 Russian vehicles crossing the borders with Ukraine.

An official statement has been made by a government official that a hundred vehicles crossed the border. See this article
Also videos appeared of convoys driving through Lugansk region. I analyzed them, so here they are:

VIDEO #1 Lugansk

A screenshot of the video:

The geolocation of this video:

It is in the center of Lugansk on the main road towards the West.

In Google maps:

Screenshots from the vehicles for identification:

The turret of a fourth tank can be seen after these three.

4 tanks
truck with small gun
green car
BMP # 8
Truck with ZU-23 gun
2 BTR with big gun
BMP # 3

Totals 4 tansk, 3 BMP, 3 BTR, two big guns, one small gun, two trucks, ZU-23 ( 12 army vehicles)

This video  is to be Reported from Lugansk and too Consists of Several different shots from different locations.
Most important screenshots from this video:

They openly fly the Russian flag. It's Russians, recruited in Russia, trained in Russia, driving a Russian tank, flying a Russian flag, using Russian ammunition shooting Ukrainians to kill ... What does it mean?

This tank has painted LNR on it:

Which stands for Lugansk Peoples Republic. Oh, wait ... now we can go back to sleep Again? Even Though EVERYTHING is Russian Russian Russian about it ... it's not REGULAR Russian Army. Let me wake up you: this tank is camouflaged . The LNR is it's CAMOUFLAGE. You Understand?

A GRAD rocket launcher:


Same convoy.
5 tanks
blue van
long commercial truck
2 red tipper trucks
dark red car
small with commercial truck
truck with small gun
green car
yellow bus
Truck with ZU-23
3 APC with big gun

24 vehicles

This video is reported to be from Uglegorsk or Vuhlehirsk:

I have not been able to conclusively geolocate it in this village or anywhere around it. So I'm not 100% sure whether it was really there.

The convoy consists of:

1 dark blue van
3 tanks
1 big truck2 tanks
1 commercial long trucks
1 truck with ZU-23
2 red tipper trucks
3 BTR towing big gun
1 army truck towing small gun
green personal car

5 tanks, four BMP, 1 GRAD, 3 BTR with big gun, truck with small gun, truck with ZU-23, several trucks
Total of 21 vehicles

All different type of vehicles:


It is clear that some of these vehicles are identical with the ones from Lugansk.

This video is reported to be from Panteleymonovka Donetsk:

It has too little geographical items to be geolocated exclusively. But near the village Panteleymonovka indeed is a highway that looks like in this video. So it is very likely to be correct.

The convoy:
1 truck
4 tanks
1 tank
1 truck with ZU-23
1 truck towing small gun
3 APC towing big gun
1 blue van
green car

17 vehicles. It's clearly the same convoy. The commercial trucks are missing.

This must be the entire route they traveled:

Red arrows = convoy spotted

Since they bypassed Horlivka, they must have been heading towards Donetsk.

Only some 20 different army vehicles can be counted in these videos. So either the other 80 HAD been destroyed (which seems a lot), or a substantial amount has chosen a different route or stayed in Lugansk city.
This report shows some extensive fighting and destruction has been going on near Lugansk airport.

So 23 confirmed. Up to 80 unconfirmed yet, but if 23 traveled to Donetsk it is likely that more traveled to other locations as well. 

Another not very Clear video somewhere in Lugansk city .
Another video from Alchevsk .


If you see errors or have additional information, please let me know.


  1. It is possible, that point where operator if video #3 has been stood, was at 48°18', 38°15' (approx.) near the shop АТБ (one could see the sign at the parking - 1:00).
    MT-LB towed antitank 100 mm gun BS-3 (range - up to 20 km) - Ukraine has none of them.
    Kamaz towed automatic 82 mm mortar "Vasilyok" (range - up to 5 km, rate of fire - up to 100 ronds per minute)

  2. "Big guns" are 100 mm field gun M1944 BS-3 with MTLB(multi-purpose light-armoured towing vehicle)
    All tanks are T-64
    All BMP are BMP-2

  3. The tracked vehicles towing the guns are MT-LBs, not BTRs.


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