Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Russia drives heavy artillery to Donetsk

A convoy with heavy artillery is spotted on the route to Donetsk. Several videos appeared on the net:

Link to copy.

This video seems to show all vehicles:
1 jeep
1 dark van
3 tanks # 35 # 38 # 36
3 heavy artillery Gvozdika
1 commercial truck
1 BTR # 65?



Donetsk centre:

This is the route they must have been driving, with the first part estimated and the second part confirmed:

Bringing in heavy artillery is a further escalation of Russias operations in Ukraine.

The Interpreter did an excellent in geolocating some of the videos as well as connecting it to an earlier transport in Russia.

1 comment:

  1. About 2 first videos:
    In the first video there are 4 tanks: #35 #36 #37 #38
    In the second there are just 3 of them. #37 is missing


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