Thursday, July 10, 2014

Is battalion Vostok going to commit suicide?

These two vidoes show battalion Vostok building defenses near the airport:

And this link even has a third video with similar footage.

This is the location:

In Google maps:

The area south of this defense line seems to be something like gardeners plots.
On a larger scale:

Red = known positions
Dotted blue = approximate Ukrainian airport area
Blue arrow = advancing Ukrainian army

It shows that the defense line they have build is FACING the airport, but NOT the advancing Ukrainian army.
Probably they will have built some more defenses like this too:

But even then... basically they are out in the open. They have NO protection against artillery. This is suicide for them... Garden houses won't give a lot of shelter either.

All essential screenshots of positions:

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  1. There are some more ways to avoid artillery:
    1. Engaging enemy as close as possible. In this case enemy won't use artillery, since it could easily suffer friendly fire from it.
    2. Perform `hit&run` attacks: attack target with intense, but not lasting fire attack and then suddenly disengage, optionaly blinding enemy with smoke screens. When enemy will contact their artillery and call target coordinates, attackers will be already gone.

    However, good command and well trained troops is needed to perform these tactics.


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