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What really happened to the victims on Lenin street 9-5 Mariupol?

My judgment about the victims on Lenin street Mariupol 9-5 based on the video breakdown I made from videos on social media. See:

#1 The Director

This guy is the first to approach the soldiers. He holds his hands in the air to prevent them from shooting them and to be able to come nearer.
Warning shots do not change his mind.
When he is close enough he invites other people to come closer too. Sometimes he waves people to step back, but this is only to gain trust from the soldiers that he does not mean harm. In the end it is only to get closer and closer.

When the tanks come he suddenly seems to realize that it is more important to stop those than to keep messing with the soldiers. He sees some people already very close to the tanks and he has heard some warning shots already. So he runs towards the tanks.
The machine gunner in the tank sees a guy running towards his tank. Either he jumps in front of the tank and this will be a certain death, or this boy will do something dangerous to the tank and the crew.
He shoots three times, one time in the chest.

On a previous crossing one of the tanks had a very difficult time getting past the crowd and they were hurrying towards an emergency situation.

Verdict: this is a boy with a lot of guts who is a pacemaker of the public.

#2 ID-man

This man walks with his hands in the air, also to be able to get closer to the soldiers without being shot immediately. He joins #3 and shows his ID to the soldiers and later into the camera. Probably to show the world he is Ukrainian and not Russian?
When one soldier shoots 4 warning shots he and #3 Hoodie act as if they are seriously hit. But in fact they are only hit by shrapnel or shards of stone from the pavement.
Nevertheless this successfully enrages the crowd.
Then he sort of hops back to demonstrate he has been shot. When another burst of shots comes he falls against another person as if he has been collapsed through gunfire.

When people check him they cannot find obvious holes in his pants. They drop his pants and two minor scratches can be seen. One guy ties his belt around his leg as to prevent him from bleeding to death.
This is complete overreacting and/or inexperience, but it helps to dramatize the situation for the people who see it.

Also see: What ID_man was saying into the camera.

Verdict: this man is an actor, drama queen, provocateur. He tries to incite the public.

#3 Hoodie

When the situation was only beginning, this boy gets on his knees, hands in the air and goes towards the soldiers. I can imagine him shouting: "Shoot me, shoot me, I am unarmed."
He is completely aware that a photographer is behind him, making photos while he is doing this.
He gets several warning shots besides him.
When he gets a warning shot in front of him, he and ID-man get hit by shards. He falls down as being badly hit, but moments later he is already up again. He makes a gesture with his hands out of anger towards the soldiers. He is not really throwing anything, not does he quickly hide a gun.
Then he stands up and resumes his provocative attitude towards the soldiers by wanting to throw a chair. Yet he stumbles and fails and this might just be lucky for him, because just before a friend of him doing the same got shot in his leg.
Then he attends to his friend and there it can be seen that he has a scratch on his face. Later he can be seen carrying him into a car.

Verdict: this boy definitely is an actor, drama queen and provocateur.

#4 photographer

Yes of course you want to get nice pictures, but this boy plays with fire. He is almost in the front line from the start and he comes dangerously close to a tank. It seems like he thinks he is safe because he is just making photos and not involved in any way in provocations.
When the soldiers run across the street they disappear from his view. Since he wants to be in the first row, he runs after them.
He did not realize there still was a soldier around the corner in crouched position and another one protecting him and the advancing (or retreating) soldiers by delivering warning shots to anybody who comes to close.
For the soldier it meant somebody came running towards them from around the corner.
He gives another warning shot in front of the boy, who gets hit by a dust of shard. Since he also got this in his face, he got scared to death and immediately jumps behind cover.
Later he can be seen standing up and walking away. Probably he is not really hurt, but it spoiled his day...

Verdict: stupid photographer who is too eager to get nice shots

#5 Bluesleeve

This is an old man walking in the front lines, who gets a warning shot in front of him, like ID-man. He seems to doubt what to do. He would want to fall down and show everybody how badly hurt he is, but he realizes it was not enough for that. So he turns around again and hobbles forward. Nobody attends to him to treat his wounds though.

Verdict: bad actor and wannabee provocateur

#6 Chair Thrower

Now it gets serious. So far nobody really threatened or attacked a soldier. But when you start throwing chairs onto a soldier you can get unpredictable results... One person throwing one chair is one thing. But an angry crowd throwing many chairs is another. We have seen many videos already of crowds throwing sticks and stones into armies of police men, who are not able to withstand them.
So throwing a chair is a step too far into the personal space of a soldier.
He gets shot in the leg.

Verdict: very brave provocateur who crossed the line.

#7 Unfortunate Bystander

This man seems to be just curious. He is not doing much. Maybe he is angry because of the first victim that he might have seen, but he just wants to look what is happening.
The gunman has already shot twice at the soldiers. This is using lethal force against them! They can die of such action.
The soldier(s) already were aware of the gunman.
When he attacked for the second time, they returned fire five times into his direction. BUT... the shooting soldier (it was probably just one) was aiming at the lower body.
The gunman was hiding behind the crowd.
The unfortunate bystander got shot in the leg. He was grabbing his leg and therefor lowering his head, almost certainly still looking forward to see where the shots would come from... and there he got hit.
He was dead instantly. His body was falling to ground without any response anymore.

Verdict: unlucky bystander who got framed by a coward gunman who was hiding behind the crowd. To me this gunman is to blame for the death of this man.

#8 Slingshot boy

Just in front of the gunman this boy can be seen shooting a slingshot. Therefor the soldier(s) who were covering the backs of the others had already spotted him. When he tried to attack the second time he was fully exposed with nobody in front of him. Again attacking soldiers with stones, chairs, slingshots and guns is to close into their personal space... He got shot in the leg.
This boy learned the hard way that if you want to shoot at armed soldiers you have to hide BEHIND the crowd (like the gunman) and not in front of them...

Verdict: stupid, very brave provocateur.

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