Saturday, May 24, 2014

Geolocation of hospital hit by mortar in Slovyansk.

Geolocation of hospital hit by mortar in Slovyansk 24-5.

This area is a hard-battled stronghold for the rebels. It is the entrance of their Eastern corridor that gives a way in and out of Slovyansk.See: Are the rebels going to retreat or get reinforcements.
There is no way they are going to give this up, otherwise they are cut off.

The hospital is within this corridor.

The brickyard is another building they occupy and has been under heavy fire. See report of this attack here.

Google maps focused on the hospital:

The problem with mortars is, that it is hard to determine who fired them. In an article from Interfax-Ukraine an ATO spokesman says they are not firing at residential areas, but the militants are both shelling their position at the tv-tower as well as at buildings.

Also see Russians shooting mortar from residential area.
Also see Undetonated NONA mortar shells found in residential area of Sloviansk.

Also see the interactive map of Slovyansk.

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