Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summary of responses and feelings about Poroshenko as new president 25-5

Summary of responses and feeling about Poroshenko as new president of Ukraine:

My judgement?

First of all: congratulations to Ukraine for having a pretty fair election in very difficult circumstances.

The biggest problem of Ukraine is corruption from top to bottom. Nobody cares about nothing when only money counts.
When an Oligarch is going to run the country, how is he NOT going to take care of his own interests? When the president does, everybody else will do the same. If you want to change a country, people have to change. Hearts have to change. And than the system has to change too.

Yes, ending the war is the first goal. It remains to be seen how successful Poroshenko is going to be in this, with the fresh arrival of the hardcore, brutal killers of the Vostok battalion.
But above all, the battle to be won is that of the corruption of peoples heart and minds...

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  1. Yes, Poroshenko is an oligarch. But he was on Maydan during the quite hard moments. I remember him settling down the crowd when Berkut troops were captured, which prevented life losses. At least all Ukraine knows where the most of his money came from. From all other candidates, i think, this one was the best. I don't mean he's good, but better than others.


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