Sunday, May 25, 2014

Russian mercenaries called 'Vostok battalion' invade Eastern Ukraine

Notorious Vostok Battalion

Officially disbanded in 2008, see: Wikipedia info.

Unofficially this Chechen group of mercenaries call themselves 'Vostok Battalion'.

More info and messages about Vostok in this twitter search.

Yet, Vostok battalion is just one group of many more. Burkonews has an excellent overview of these battalions, where they come from and how they originated. Look here.

Track record in Eastern Ukraine
23-5 Their first recorded mission was to ambush and crush the people's militia Donbas battalion. See the report here (GRAPHIC).

26-5 Occupying Donetsk airport (see report)
This attack has not been going into their favor:
Another thing they did this day: They executed a woman who did not want to cooperate and beheaded her.

27-5 Not very much going on. They fortify their positions in Donetsk around the SBU building.
30-5 Strange enough they cleared the occupied buildings and barricades. Nobody understands why. although they say, it was because the rebels were looting.


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