Sunday, May 18, 2014

Geolocations of fighting in Kramatorsk on 18-5-2014

I determined the geolocation in the video of the fighting in Kramatorsk today. It is on the main road through Kramatorsk.

UPDATE: Positions of troops according to @poppoppopkt

One of the barricades still smoldering, while mortars hit nearby:

Fire at the factory taken from this video
Barricades on fire taken from this video

Some of the damage done afterwards taken from this video
One more thing that happened in Kramatorsk. Some Russian journalists were captured:

They carried a Manpad and were probably trying to get some 'exclusive footage'. As can be seen in this video.

Now the BIG QUESTION is whether all blockposts were cleared, or only the ones that were shelled:

The answer comes from a local whom I asked the question:

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