Monday, May 19, 2014

Lifenews reporters detained. Just or unjust?

On May 18th some fighting has been going on in Kramatorsk as reported here. Three people were detained among which there were two journalists from LifeNews.

As can be seen in the video they were caught with a Manpad. This is a portable air-defense system against helicopters and slow aircrafts.

It is well-known by now that Russian Media are in general very quick to report about a situation from the location where it happens. It is suspected that they know in advance what is going to happen.

The deadly shootout from supposedly Right Sector thugs near Slovyansk is a proven setup and staged crime with the goal to influence the public opinion in Slovyansk against the Ukrainian Army. I reported about this here.

Now this LifeNews team has been caught with a Manpad. To do what? To get 'exclusive footage' of course. It is an example of how the 'Russian journalists' work together with the rebels.
The fact that they have press ID-cards does not give them immunity when they are involved in criminal activities.

This totally differs from taking journalists hostage like the rebels do. These journalists are not involved in criminal activities. They are not caught red-handed. They do not stage incidents nor fabricate misleading reports upfront. And when they do... they should be detained too!

Also see DMITRY TYMCHUK: Concerning the activity of Russian journalists

You can read here about an attack with an ATGM on a an APC filmed and directed by LifeNews journalists.

UPDATE 21-5:


  1. Hey folks start thinking head! In the photo perfectly clear that MANPADS is laid to things journalists. Nobody arming only one MANPADS, because melee is useless.

  2. Yep... Like they did here too:


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