Monday, May 26, 2014

Geolocations of fighting at Donetsk airport 26-5

Geolocations of fighting at Donetsk airport

Video of Ukrainian helicopters flying towards the airport:

Another video of the helicopters:

And the location of the cameraman:

Automatic grenade launcher on the roof (maybe only for the photos):

Heli firing rockets:

Another view of the same incident:

Some videos attached together:

Fire at the airport:

This can approximately be located here:

An SU25 firing rockets:

Rebels are running away:

More footage of the rebels (approximately same area):

The location is on the corner in this map:

Rebels had to retreat and are taking defensive positions:

This is across the railway on the main road towards the airport:

A long video of rebels taking defensive position on another road:

These are the positions of the rebel-soldiers and cameraman:

Long distance video on the airport. Probably a mortar or grenade launcher is firing here:

The Putilov bridge is very likely the bridge across the railway, since a street next to the railway is called Putilov street:

Something did not go well for the Russian rebels:
The Putilov bridge is pointed out above.

The current situation:

See the interactive map of Donetsk with all these locations.

Also see another report about the fighting here.


Also see the interactive map of Donetsk, with all relevant locations.


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