Thursday, May 22, 2014

Are the rebels going to retreat or do they get reinforced?

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The Seversky Donets' river and surrounding areas are a natural barrier. Only on several locations there are bridges. This means it provides safe protection as a route for either a retreat or for reinforcements.

From Slovyansk this route goes to the East to Russia alongside this line.

Along this route there are several activities.

Today a bridge near Pryvillya has been destroyed (yellow marker in the north), limiting the possibilities to cross.

Rubyzhne and Lysachansk are exactly the areas where the route goes through the barrier. Controlling these cities means you either have this route or block it.

Somehow it seems the Ukrainian army has been prepared for this. Because yesterday (21-5-2014) it had already been sending pontoon bridges from Poltava to the region.

These are only 2 APCs and one truck. But they have not been seen before, as far as I know. The next message seems to clarify what is going on. It is about some serious reinforcements...

One of the bridges in Severodonetsk has been blocked. This seems strange, because this is right ON the route...
An interactive map of this area can be found here.

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