Tuesday, May 20, 2014

While Russia pretends to retreat, Bataljon Vostok occupies Donetsk?

While Russia says it is retreating its troops...
Russian special forces 'Bataljon Vostok' enters Donetsk!!

You can read about Bataljon Vostok here, where it says it was disbanded in 2008!
Some question the importance of this appearance:
And so far only one BTR has been seen.

Also there seems to be some 'correction of the undisciplined' going on:

So now some people think the rebels are fighting each other!
That the BTR belongs to Akhmetov seems unlikely.
The BTR has been seen more often in Donetsk already on the 17th of May:

Temporary conclusion should be: the gangs are restoring order within their own lines...
In this video at 16:30 the retreat of some forces in Donetsk can be seen. Mission accomplished?

Also read about Putins goals.

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