Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another made up story by notorious Vostok batallion?

The story has been told that the Ukrainian army blew up a truck with their wounded and as such killed many.
Now have a good look...

Here is one of the Kamaz trucks that has been shot in Donetsk 26-5
Notice how mainly the front window is riddled, as well as the side door which is open.

At the back side you can see that there is a lot of obstruction. Also the inside of the open door is still intact. This means the truck has been shot at FROM THE FRONT.

(Photos from Ostro)

Look in Google streetview what this position is and how it matches the photos (notice that the Porsche building is not there yet):

Grotere kaart weergeven

In these photos you can also see that the bullet holes in the front of the truck are bound INWARDS, not OUTWARDS. It also shows the bullets came from the front side.

If these bullet holes would have been from an earlier shooting that day, the driver would have removed the window, because it is impossible to see anything anymore, especially at night.

Now, this is the situation map:

The Ukrainians where at the airport, which is at the left side of the map. The rebels were at the right side. Look here for details and report about the situation.

The car is FACING TOWARDS the rebel side.

So we have to ask this question: How is it possible that a truck full of Russian (wounded?) mercenaries drives AWAY FROM the Ukrainian position TOWARDS the rebel side and then gets riddled from the front?

It is impossible that a helicopter shoots at the truck and only hits the window.

Did Vostok battalion make up another story for Russian propaganda?

What really happened
What really could have happened is this: they gathered all their dead, loaded them into a truck, put it on that particular spot, riddled the window and front side, made a scene of the location, just to have another gruesome story for journalists to photograph and write about, and tell everybody that the 'Ukrainian Nazis shot an ambulance with their wounded...'

What really happened is that they miserably failed in their attempt to seize the airport and just lost many men.

Note that Vostok battalion is notorious for making up stories without having any respect for their own dead. You can find another such story here (GRAPHIC).

UPDATE: GRAPHIC video of the bodies lying around the truck

Another video of the aftermath:

In this one you can clearly see these bullet holes are outbound. It means they were shot through the door, from the side of the forest not from the Ukrainian side.
The forest was the hiding place of the rebels when they retreated as can be seen in the videos about the attack.

This interview with a Vostok member who was in the second truck confirms they had been shot by their own people.


  1. Our local news agencies tell us a different story. Truck was full of alive soldiers. They were shooting chaotically in all directions, to give a chance for Russian journalists to film "brutal attack of Right Sector members on civil citizens in Donetsk". ATO forces helicopter shot them from above - which gives explanation why the truck was hit from the front side - the side of terrorists camp.

  2. I have serious doubts about that. In my article about the helicopter attack on the green van http://ukraineatwar.blogspot.nl/2014/05/the-helicopter-fired-upon-green-van-of.html, you can see in a movie that the machine gun from a helicopter is in a straight line forward and they use a much higher caliber. These shots from an AK74 are mainly on the window.

    1. You are partially right. Caliber of main machine-gun are at least 12.7mm. But Mil-24 can be equipped with additional weapon boxes with smaller caliber machine-guns - 7.62mm.
      But i agree - this shots in front window is too precise to be done by helicopter.


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