Sunday, May 25, 2014

Geolocation of mortar shelling and rebel checkpoint West Slovyansk 24-5-2014

Geolocation of mortar shelling on rebel checkpoint West Slovyansk 24-5-2014

The 'end of city' sign shows that this must be at the border of the city.

See the interactive map of Slovyansk for more locations, videos and events.


  1. 1) Today, 25.05.2014 Foreign Office of Italy confirmed one italian journalist and his translator killed near Slavyansk.
    2) Funniest thing is the name of this video - 'how heavy artillery attacks a checkpoint'. I don't see a heavy artillery here! Shooting is done with APC guns and mortar launchers. And no hits to the checkpoint during the video.
    Looks like Russian propaganda.

    1. Just saw this link:

    2. I've mentioned killed journalist because women during this video tells she's italian journalist too. Speaks russian very well, but with noticeable accent. Says she's from Neapol, but her mother leaved and worked in Moscow for a long time - that's why she knows language so good. But for some reason she has a translator too.
      Older guy says he fought in Kongo and Angola.
      One more surprising moment - near the end of the film soldiers insist on switching off all phones by removing batteries. That's pointless - i'm sure our military is too poor to use ammunitions which can target a phone's radio.


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