Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Russians using mortar NONA in residential area in Slovyansk 27-5

In this video the firing of the self-propelled mortar gun "Nona" can be seen, from a residential area in Slovyansk.

Here is another similar video:

It is firing to the right and up in the air, indicating it is a mortar.

Red is the gun, blue the position of the camera. From this position it may fire on the tv tower for instance or on a Ukrainian checkpoint.

Notice that the mortar is deliberately positioned near residential buildings, while there is an entirely open field in front of it (green area). When the Ukrainians would fire back on this position, they would definitely hit some buildings, very likely causing civilian casualties too.

Grotere kaart weergeven

The Ukrainian artillery positions are around the tv tower. An area clear of residential building.

The (pro-)Russians seized the mortar from the first wave of Ukrainian units that were stopped by groups of civilians.

It seems NONA has been taken out now:

UPDATE 30-5-2014
Interfax-Ukraine says the tracks of Nona were damaged. Now the militants are driving it around on a trailer.

UPDATE 31-5-2014

UPDATE 31-5 Aftermath video of exact position of NONA
In this (way too long)  video somebody explains what had been going on.

Some screenshots:
The location from where the video was shot:

The buildings closest to where NONA was:

An outlook into the green area. It is clear that not everything is accessible for a motorized vehicle like NONA.

A clear outlook and firing range on the tv-tower

A mortar hit. Clearly the Ukrainians have been shooting back:

The building has been damaged. Many windows broken:

A damaged tree too:

Another hit:

Another look on the broken windows:

The big building next to the other undamaged:

A look at the position where Nona was standing:

Another look into the green area, now along the path:

And on the left side of the path:

A look from there onto the position of NONA:

So the damage report sounds like this:

  • two mortars hit the dirt...
  • 1 hit a tree and a branch broke off
  • because of the blasts a lot of windows broke

Highly likely scenario:
From concealed positions NONA had been driving op to this firing position. It had been shooting from there until it received returning fire.
The Ukrainians could not allow NONA to fire endlessly on their positions. So they fired probably only 3 rounds back. This was enough for the guys firing NONA to stop doing what they were doing and retreat. End of story.
It means that the Ukrainians have clearly been holding back firing into this area as much as possible.

Also see mortar attack on the tv tower.
Also see Hospital hit by mortar.
Also see Undetonated NONA mortar shells found in residential area of Sloviansk.
Or an interactive map with many locations in Slovyansk.

By the way... this is how RUSSIANS operate in residential areas (footage from Caucasus):


  1. one more video


    1. it seems local people found location - feel free to use


    2. I used the info. It can be found here now: http://ukraineatwar.blogspot.nl/2014/05/rebels-fortifying-positions-with-heavy.html

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHJVpKNCJ1g This video talks about where the weapon was fired ... and where and how the Ukrainian army returned fire!! TELL THE TRUTH!! Falsely fascists!

    1. Thank you for the link. I had not seen the video yet. It was very informative and makes me understand a lot better what happened here. I updated my report with it. I hope you will appreciate it.
      By the way: there is no need to scold and call me a fascist.


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